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Mel Science Box Honest Review

Mel Science Box Review

I have been eyeing ads for Mel Science for a while until I finally decided to order a box to see all the hype for myself. My kids always enjoyed educational toys and scientific experiments, so this had to be right on. And it was, especially for my 10 year old daughter!

Mel Science Box

Mel Science is a subscription box that arrives once per month. It costs about $34, but I got a 25% off promotion code for the first box and paid just $26. You have to create an account and sign up for continuous service, but you can cancel anytime and resume later. Shipping is always free.

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Mel Science Chemistry box

When you first sign up, you get a Starter box + Chemistry box. Starter box contains all kinds of items that get used for all future experiments. On subsequent months only Chemistry kits with new experiments arrive.

Mel Science Starter Kit

This first time we got two experiments with extra chemicals to repeat each experiment twice.

Mel Science Starter Box

When we opened the box, I was surprised how nicely everything was packed and how high quality all the products looked.

Mel Science Products

Everything needed, besides 4 batteries, were supplied.

Mel Science Box for Kids

Kids got to enjoy protective eyeglasses, macro lens camera for phone, VR headset, measuring cups, and many other items that we didn’t even use this time. I can already feel that many exciting experiments are coming our way via Mel Science chemistry kits.

Mel Science protective eyeglasses

This box is best suited for kids 10+ and that’s why my daughter so enjoyed it. My son is very much into computers and physics, but this chemistry didn’t quite wow him just yet.

Mel Science VR Headset

He enjoyed VR headset and electrodes, but that was about it.

Mel Science Chemitry Kit

So it was my girl and I who really had fun. The experiments this time were not messy and not spilling all over the place, as I used to see in the ads, so we made ourselves comfortable at the kitchen bar and worked through directions.

Mel Science Box Test tube

The directions were very clear and easily understandable. Both experiments took about 15 minutes and we were very slow. My daughter could do everything herself, I just helped her open little bottle lids and safely discard everything afterwards.

Mel Science Tin Hengehog

Both experiments were with Tin. We learned how Zinc can grow little spikes and become a hedgehog in Sodium hydrogen sulfate and Tin chloride solution.

Mel Science Tin Experiment

Another experiment was growing Tin dendrite, which was like growing tree branches with the help of battery powered electrodes. My son had fun with this one for about 2 minutes.

Hedgehog in Sodium hydrogen

While the experiments are fun for kids, the scientific explanation about what is happening with different elements and chemicals is still a bit over their heads. Even I had trouble understanding and had to focus.

Mel Science Home Experiments

That doesn’t change the fact that our first experience was very positive. I guess you don’t need to know the exact science behind it to enjoy chemical reactions when you are 8 and 10.

Mel Science Home Experiment

All chemicals had Mel codes that could be scanned into Mel app for extra explanation and fun facts, but we didn’t get to that yet. We didn’t even take pictures with macro lens. Kids want to repeat experiments tomorrow and then we’ll take those pictures for sharing.

Chemistry Experiment with Mel Science

Overall my impression of Mel Science is absolutely great. I think kids will benefit from the experiments in the long run. They might even have some understanding and definitely love for Chemistry when they will start it at school years later.

Mel Science Chemistry Experiment

I wish I had something like this back in my day, because dry chemical reaction formulas didn’t excite me one bit.

Mel Science Experiment

Seeing cool things happen will show kids that chemistry can be fun and also very useful for humanity.

Mel Science Cool Experiment

We are looking forward to the next shipment in October!