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KiwiCo Doodle Crate

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Box

My daughter has been complaining about how bored she is ever since school closed in March. It’s July today and situation is only looking worse – coronavirus cases are up, states are debating mandatory masks and possible closings again, while school re-opening in August is very much in question. I was so sure we wouldn’t get to this… and yet here we are.

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Our yearly summer trip to Europe didn’t happen, summer camps are not happening, playdates are rare, and there are no park outings in 95 degree weather every day. So I am not surprised that my little girl is bored, tired of books, LEGOS, and fights with her brother. Kids are restless everywhere and parents are struggling to keep their sanity while working and balancing kids at home in the crazy world that we live in.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Palnt Project

I heard about KiwiCo from my sister, and when she told me what it is, I immediately knew that my kids will like this. At just $15 per box per month with a new customer coupon, it is more affordable than LEGO and actually keeps them occupied for hours.

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What is KiwiCo?

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Deals

It’s a monthly subscription box for kids that brings one STEAM related project, based on age and interests. Parents pick a line and their work is over. The professionals behind KiwiCo create, test, and send different projects each month. All you need is in the box, except maybe scissors. I was very pleased with that fact and with the quality of materials.

Doodle Crate Materials

There is no way my imagination would carry me to the depths of any project like that. I could come up with simple crafts, but then I would have to drive around getting supplies, and who wants to do that with masks and viruses around?

Doodle Crate Plant Project

My daughter is very diligent and likes making little things more than anything. She is phenomenal at following directions and is very attentive to details. When she opened the box and we saw felt succulent garden project, her eyes lit up as I was sure they would. She started right away and at first was very careful. She got braver with time and started creating her own versions of little cute succulent plants.

Doodle Crate Plants

Her project was to make succulent plants by gluing and rolling little leaves on a double sided tape to make a plant. She made 7 plants and they came out beautiful. There is also a small bag of clay for making a few little clay birds to put on or between the succulents. Finally the whole composition sits on paper rocks surface inside a little black pot on tiny legs.

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Younger kids might need some parent help, but mine were completely happy on their own. My son was working on his Tinker crate, my girl – on Doodle crate, and I was there for picture taking duty. Doodle crate is for ages 9-16+, and my daughter is almost 10. Even though she was a natural at this, it still took her two days to finish the project. And she was busy for hours!

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Plant Making

While kids worked on their crates, I enjoyed some peace, uninterrupted work time, and knowledge that they are busy with something meaningful. They were away from screens and didn’t have a single fight! The best part – my daughter is so in love with how her project turned out, she will have it in her room on the shelf for years.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Plant

One downside – I started hearing nagging for more projects like this and questions about when is the next KiwiCo box coming and why can’t they come every day. This is to be expected though. Something this good has to be repeated!

Doodle Crate Project

I have to admit that I am also looking forward to another crate and to hours of activities it will bring. I can also see that my initial 3-month subscription might have to be extended. And I don’t mind that one bit! I think it’s one of the best investments, because kids not only stay busy and have something to be happy about for days, but also learn while building and creating.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Project

Thank you, KiwiCo, for our wonderful first experience – we will be looking for more memorable projects and crafts in the near future!