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KiwiCo Doodle Faux Leather Portfolio Crate Review

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My little big girl likes every art and craft that land in her hands, so naturally she was mesmerized by last month’s KiwiCo Doodle crate’s felt succulent garden project. It is proudly displayed on top of her dresser, right in the middle. She was looking forward to this month’s box, so celebration was in order when it arrived today.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Deal

Her little brother gets Tinker crate and since they arrive in the same shipment, kids get to enjoy building their projects together. I enjoy some peace and quietness in the house when I am not needed and there is no fighting between kids for a change. They are big enough to do everything themselves, so I am around just for sneaking some pictures and nothing more.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Faux Leather Portfolio

The Doodle crate always has something to do with art and creativity development. Milla enjoys following directions and watching something beautiful taking shape. Last month she was so into her felt project that after it was all finished, I ended up buying similar activity from Amazon, which was not such a big hit and more help was needed from me.

KiwiCo Portfolio

I signed up for a 3-month subscription, but will definitely be extending it because kids love it and I don’t have to do anything to get it delivered to them. Yes, I pay $20 per box, but it is a small price for convenience and hours of meaningful activity.

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KiwiCo Faux Leather Portfolio Project

This month Milla’s project was making a faux leather portfolio. Now find me a girl that is about to turn 10 and who wouldn’t want to make her own embellished portfolio! A little sketch book was also included, which is a nice bonus, because Milla is a great artist and loves drawing on her own and with friends. Drawing is actually one of her favorite activities and now she has a hand-made case to carry her drawing supplies in. it’s definitely a win-win!

KiwiCo Faux Leather Portfolio Offer

Everything she needed came included –faux leather portfolio piece, threads, brads, pocket piece, and elastic cord. All she had to get was scissors. I loved that she had a choice and was able to pick if she wanted a blue or a brown portfolio. She decided to go with brown outside and blue inside. It was a little bit of stitching involved, but nothing too complicated. The directions for stitching were simple and easy to follow, even I could do it and I am the farthest thing from seamstress. Instead of needles the threads had aglets at the ends and were super easy to use without worrying about losing needles.

KiwiCo Faux Leather Portfolio Deal

She had to sew a pocket on the portfolio and then sew its sides together. The final step was the most fun – embellishing the flap with studded brads. She followed a design that was offered, but I think she can always change it. The crate also included an elastic band for portfolio closing that had to be attached. That’s it!

Doodle Faux Leather Portfolio Crate

Milla worked very carefully, she is always super diligent, so the project took her a couple of hours, but overall it was easy and fun. She, just like her brother with his Tinker crate, is already looking for the September’s crate.

KiwiCo Faux Leather Portfolio

I definitely enjoy the fact that these KiwiCo projects can last and be used for a long time after they get completed. So many times kids make something and it ends up being something flimsy that was destined to last for a day and then needs to be thrown away. KiwiCo is not like that at all.

Faux Leather Portfolio

Thanks again to KiwiCo and we are already looking forward to the next shipment of crates – September can’t come fast enough!