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KiwiCo Doodle Crate Handmade Soap Review

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Handmade Soap Box

Today we opened our third KiwiCo crate. Kids have beenbeyond obsessed with them lately and ask me all the time when is the new one coming. They love the surprise and so far every single project has been a hit. My son might be an engineer in the future, so we are getting tinker crate for him. My daughter is the most neat and crafty little person, so she is getting the doodle crate.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Box for Crafty Kids

Last two Doodle projects were felt succulent garden making and faux leather handbag stitching. This time she got to make almost mess-free soaps. This project will take a few days, which got her discouraged at first, but then she realized that she will have something to do for a while and it’s actually better than something quick.

Kiwi Crate Soap Box

The box is definitely of great value. Kids do stuff related to STEAM without even noticing it. I love it because I don’t have to do anything. Even when it said medium parent involvement, I had to turn on the microwave, and that’s it. I spend my time taking pictures and marveling at their complete projects.

Kiwi Crate Handmade Soap Box

The box costs just $19.95 per month for most lines, except for two most complicated levels, which are $29.95. The crate of choice comes every month with very creative and fun things to do. Everything you need is included, except scissors. If I had to go around craft and big box stores looking for supplies, I would spend twice as much, and that’s not counting my time. Needless to say, this is why I love KiwCo not any less than kids.

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Glycerin for Melting

Making your own soap wasn’t very complicated. Even though it says make from scratch, you already have glycerin for melting, soap colors, shapes for insertion, and even soap holder. My daughter made 3 soaps so far, one just recently with a friend during their play date. I think she still has enough glycerin for making a couple more soaps.

KiwiCo Doodle Crate Soap

I have only on complaint – the kit didn’t have any essential oils for making the soap smell good. I don’t have them either, but it would’ve been very easy to send some.

KiwiCo Handmade Soap Kit

Mila says she won’t be using the soap and instead will keep it for memories as it is very special. If it would smell irresistibly, I think she would use it too. But it’s her creation, so she can do whatever she wants with it.

KiwiCo Handmade Soap

The booklet that came in the kit is very informative, even for me. It had all the steps for soap making and I also learned that the first bar soaps were mass produced in 1700s. So my daughter and I became soapers for a day and practiced ‘melt and pour’ process to get cool looking glycerin soap bars.

Kiwi Crate Soap

Milla created marbled and embedded soaps so far, but tomorrow she will try layered soap, which takes even longer to make. All other soaps harden in about an hour. This one will take that long for each layer. She can even stick a toy into her soap when it’s melted to make even more her own. And I will get to enjoy her creativity.

KiwiCo Soap Making

In short, she absolutely loved her crate with soap making. And now yes, I will probably have to extend our subscription for another 3 or even 6 months. Fortunately, this is one activity that I don’t mind spending a little bit of money on!

KiwiCo Soap