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KiwiCo Arcade Box Review

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Corona lockdown and all sorts of resulting consequences and quarantine made me think of how can I engage my young son more, how can I help him have fun while also learning useful materials. I think it’s safe to say that all parents everywhere experienced the same thing. Schools were closed, parks forbidden, and all extra curriculum classes and libraries also shut down. We, the parents, were stuck at home teaching and entertaining our kids while trying to work. At this time, in June, some states are still in partial quarantine and many people are weary of venturing out without a serious need even when they can.

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Given all that, there is little surprise that kids’ activity subscription boxes like KiwiCo are flying off the shelves and take a long time to arrive once subscribed for. I have ordered my first KiwiCo box almost two months ago and just recently received it. What I saw inside and based on how my son’s eyes lit up, I can see that it was worth the wait.

The box is monthly and costs $20 for most lines. Some lines, like Maker Crate and Eureka Crate are around $30 because they are more complex. My son’s first box is Kiwi Crate for kids 5+. He is very science oriented and loves building everything, so this age group is perfect for him.

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Kiwi Crate box includes a maker project that is connected to art, science, and engineering. All the needed materials are high quality and all included, so all you have to do is help your child when adult help is called for. A cool magazine with games, comics, and experiments also comes in each box. And finally, online DIY tutorials with tips and tricks are accessible for young scientists to explore.

KiwiCo lets you switch your line any time, so after trying something, you won’t be stuck with the same plan if you don’t like it. After signing up, your box will be shipped in two days, and hopefully won’t take as long to arrive as mine did.

This is what we got in our first box:

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The main project is to make an arcade type claw from wood that will be catching pom-pom prizes. All the materials and instructions are provided, except for mommy’s and older brother’s help. At the end of the project, as an extra, you can make an arcade box, which will hold the pom-pom prizes. The box can be made from Kiwi Crate box. It remains to be seen if our 5 year old gamer will need the box or will the hand held claw and furry prizes alone will do.

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We are just starting the project and I already see so much promise. The young builder is amazed at the process and is working on everything himself with very little help. I really appreciate the quality of everything and the fact that things don’t break in the care of little hands. The project is not very complicated and won’t take too long, but Michael will be able to enjoy the end result for a very long time, or so I hope.

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The wooden claw doesn’t have to be used to grab the pom-pom prizes only. It can work for many other small objects inside the house and out. I can already imagine him walking around the garden and catching bugs and snails with it.

What You Get in KiwiCo Arcade Box

Besides the claw project, we will be reading the Explore! magazine for more at home experiments and fun things to do. Michaels’s big brother enjoys spending quality time together while reading educational materials to him that are easily understood by this curious young mind. Seeing them both huddled close like that makes me all tingly and fuzzy inside. This feeling alone is worth the small investment of money and time.

I guess with activity boxes like KiwiCo, coronavirus or any other future calamity has nothing on us!