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Marugame Udon Restaurant at South Coast Plaza

Japanese authentic cuisine is one of my most favorite and I like to discover new places to eat when I have a chance. This time I visited Marugame Udon at South Coast Plaza and the restaurant serves as a great proof that Japanese food can be both affordable and delicious. The place is always crowded and there is a line of people who want to get there, so be prepared to wait for some time if you are visiting Marugame Udon at the weekend. For me a line of people in front of the restaurant stands for quality and the ideal combination of price and quality. This time I was not mistaken in my expectations, and we had some of the most enjoyable dining experience.

The menu is varied and has a choice of Udon, Rice Bowls, Tempura, Sides and Drinks. It turned out that the restaurant specializes in serving freshly made Udon noodles which are cooked right in front of the customers. We could see the noodles boil behind the glass adding some unique atmosphere to this casual restaurant.

The prices are affordable, and the portion size is just OK, not huge so you can’t eat it all, not too small to leave the table feeling hungry. Handcrafted Udon bowls come with the choice of meat.

You can choose from an assortment of Dashi which is noodles made with traditional Japanese broth, BK Sauce which are bowls with Umami rich sauce and Curry Sauce made with thick Japanese curry sauce. All bowls come in two sizes: regular and large. Regular size bowl costs $10.95 and large one for $12.45.

Tempura is ordered by piece and includes chicken shrimp, squid, sweet potato, tamagoyaki, crab meat, big chicken katsu and potato croquette. Each piece costs $2.50 and is freshly cooked on the open fire.

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However, I shouldn’t have taken such serious precautions as the food we were served at Marugame Udon (South Coast Plaza) was freshly cooked and I didn’t risk ordering very hot sauces that looked unusual.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is casual, but fancy at the same time. The personnel are very polite and knowledgeable. There are big billboards with the dish prices, but we could also ask the restaurant staff about the ingredients of the particular dish. To be honest, I saw most of the Japanese dishes for the first time in the menu, but the dishes we ordered were incredibly delicious. Now I have my favorite Japanese restaurant at South Coast Plaza and it’s a great place to have a meal after my shopping spree.

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