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Coolest Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2019

Many parents would like to find meaningful and educational materials for their curious and knowledge-hungry little explorers, but don’t always know where to look for that. Many such parents turn to subscription boxes, because they often include some amazing stuff and keep kids happy month after month with a box of gifts coming their way.

Educational Subscription Box for Kids

The challenge is not to find a subscription box any more, but to sift through the noise and pick really good ones out of hundreds available.

After lots of trials and kid-testing we have selected a list of what we think are the best educational subscription boxes.

What are the best boxes for curious kids?

Kiwi Crates (5-8) and Tinker (9-16)

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Many kids consider this box their favorite. Each box brings hours of fun activities with 2-3 projects, parent guide, and a magazine for kids. There are many age categories to choose from that range from babies to teenagers.

All the projects strive to teach STEAM basics.

What are the best boxes for book-loving kids?


There are 3 age tiers, so everybody can find something great to read. You don’t have to stop going to the library if you’ll get this subscription. On the contrary – this service might introduce you to such books that you would’ve never discovered yourself and make your library visits even more fun with expanded categories and interests.

Kids Books in a Box

Reading Bug Box

Kids up to 13 years of age will get inspired to keep reading with all the material arriving at their door step every month. The books are followed by extras, like craft supplies, paint, and much more.

OwlCrate Jr.

Every month elementary to middle-school age kids get a hard-cover book and extras to enhance their reading experience. Those extras include 3-5 goodies, like jewelry, stationary items, and toys for personal collections. Some boxes offer items and notes from publishers and authors.

What are best boxes for creative kids?

Green Kid Crafts

You will be receiving hands-on craft and art projects for kids of all ages. Every box is themed and stays true to that. The service is flexible and allows parents to choose boxes with themes that their kids like best. Green Kid focuses on STEM and many activities are related to those subjects. Each box brings a perfect marriage of art and science to keep kids engaged.

We Craft Box

Most of the projects are geared towards younger kids for moments when there can’t be too many craft kits. Moms and dads can forget shopping and planning, We Craft Box does it all for you with 2-3 craft projects per box and includes a story too.

Kids Crafts with Discount

Kid Wonder

Little kids (3-6) are encouraged to take part in imaginary play with activity kits, crafts and supplies, learning materials, games, and much more. Parents are also involved, read instructions, and watch videos with kids. The games can be played over and over again.

Target Monthly Art & Craft Kit for Kids

The boxes are designed for kids 6-10 years old and come with arts and crafts supplies to keep kids busy with making jewelry, creating various art projects, and making useful items for play.

Kids Craft Box


Best age for this subscription box is 6-12. Kids learn how to code with monthly projects that explain the basics needed to create simple real apps. Projects are done online and kids can play with the results.

Spangler Science Club

These boxes are for ages 7-14 and designed by Steve Spangler. All the experiments are hands-on projects that keep kids engaged for hours and focus on STEM.

What are best boxes for young explorers?

Little Passports

This subscription is also based on age of the explorer and brings materials to help kids get to know the world form their house and instill the love of traveling. Each box comes with activities, books, luggage tags, stickers, post cards, and a small gift.

Atlas Crate

This box is sent to you from Kiwi Co and introduces a new country with every box. All the activities are very hands-on and teach geography in a fun way.

What are the best boxes for little cooks?


Lots of young kids love cooking together with moms, but eventually that love tapers off. To avoid that try this subscription box and reignite the love of kitchen. The kid-friendly recipes are easy-to-follow and allow kids feel in charge. Every monthly kit includes 3 recipes with grocery list, a kitchen tool, some collectibles, and a cool project.

Kids Educational Books

What are the best boxes for science-minded kids?

Amazon STEM

Kids love learning new things with the help of building projects that you can choose to receive every month or every two months. The toys are priced affordably and are grouped into age groups: 3-4, 5-7, or 8-13 years.

Genius Box

Every month kids (8-12) get a kit that can be used for three STEM activities. Fun and engaging projects include topics like robotics, crystals, forensics, and rockets.

In conclusion, educational subscription boxes are great for so many reasons:

  • They help kids learn something new or dive deeper into what interests them
  • Kids are excited to learn and happy to stay busy
  • They love getting something in the mail just for them every month
  • This is a gift that just keeps giving