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My GlossyBox Review

GlossyBox Beauty Subscription Box

Today was the first time I opened GlossyBox beauty subscription box and I was excited! I was not sure what to expect because I ordered it based on my sister’s recommendation and she is new at this service too. All I knew is that the box contains full size beauty products, and who wouldn’t like full size beauty products?

GlossyBox Subscription Box

I have tried a few boxes before – FabFitFun, Macy’s Beauty Box, and Birchbox, so I consider myself kind of an expert. I love trying new subscription boxes because of the surprise element and because I am not one of these women that spends time and effort looking for new beauty brands and products. I love makeup and creams very much, so subscription boxes are right up my alley because I get to try things that I would never find myself. I actually even feel trendy and on top of beauty world news!

GlossyBox Review

GlossyBox has a few different plans – pay per month, 3-months, 6-months, and 12-month. I just wanted to try, so I ordered one month box for $17.95. I have to admit that I liked this price for full size items.

GlossyBox Beauty Products

The box arrived just a few days after ordering, but opening of it got kind of delayed because it’s Christmas, so between traveling and Christmas morning gift opening craze I couldn’t catch a break, but today was the day!

GlossyBox Full Size Products

I loved the design of the box – gold tone with red color blocks going across it. It looked luxurious and felt like I am opening my one last Christmas gift and that is a nice way to fight post-holidays blues. So here it goes:

Inside the box there were 5 full size items, not huge, but still not samples. On top of burgundy wrapping paper and gold bow I found two nice coupons. And I love coupons!

GlossyBox Hello Fresh Coupon

The first one was for Hello Fresh meal delivery kit - $80 gift card. I intend on using that as soon as the New Year’s celebration is over and I am back to work, back to gym, and back to my diet, which went totally haywire since Thanksgiving. The coupon for Hello Fresh offers $30 off first two deliveries, $10 off next two deliveries, and free shipping. Another coupon is for $100 off order of $160+. Did I tell you I love wine?

GlossyBox Nakedwines Coupon

When it comes to the rest of the contents of my GlossyBox, I have some love/hate relationship. Let me start with all the positive things about it and then talk about not so good ones.

Golden Gatsby 3D Faux Mink Lashes

The first item I got out was Golden Gatsby 3D Faux Mink Lashes ($15). They look long, natural, and stunning. I am sure they work great too. I am also sure I will not use them, but that’s no fault of those lashes. I simply had previous bad experience with faux lashes and their glue, so I am weary of experiments. However, I have a friend who doesn’t go to any outing without lashes like these, so I will gift them to her and make her very happy.

Luxie Rose Gold Makeup Brush

Next came Luxie Rose Gold Makeup Brush, normally $10-$12.I will enjoy this because nobody can have too many makeup brushes, especially high quality, medium size, with pink handle like this one.

GlossyBox Nail Medic Rejuvenator

Then I spotted purple liquid in a cute square bottle – Nail Medic Rejuvenator ($8). I usually wear gel or SNS long-lasting polish on my nails, so once in a while they really need some TLC and a break. I will definitely use this product. Actually, this rejuvenator can be used on cuticles even with nail polish! Great nails are coming!

GlossyBox Steve Laurant

The final product that I liked is Steve Laurant Lip Tint Cherry Gloss ($19).

GlossyBox Steve Laurant Lip Gloss

I have a bit of hard time believing that this little round container is really $19, but let’s say it is. The color looks good and lasts long, but it’s not a lip gloss.

Steve Laurant Lip Tint Cherry Gloss

I would call it lipstick, but you do need a brush or a finger for application, so it’s not great for traveling.

GlossyBox Steve Laurant Lip Tint Cherry Gloss

For some reason I expected cherry flavor, but it’s just cherry color. I would give this one 7 stars out of 10.

GlossyBox The Real Her Ultimate Glow Cheek Trio

And last came a huge disaster! I was opening the box while sitting on a white sheepskin by the Christmas tree, and this beauty product produced some fireworks that left me, my dog, my camera, and my sheepskin covered in gloss for days. The Real Her Ultimate Glow Cheek Trio ($32) was all broken, destroyed, with lose powder spilling all over the place.

GlossyBox Broken The Real Her Ultimate Glow Cheek Trio

I was mad and sad, because it took me a while to clean up and I couldn’t enjoy it. It went straight to the trash can. I am thinking about contacting GlossyBox and asking for a discount or replacement. This accident also created a negative impression of the whole box, even though it’s not their fault. I will have to think if I will ever give it another try. This also made me think how good FabFitFun service is as nothing ever came broken.

What's in a Glossybox

All in all, I like everything beauty, but this box was a bit of disappointment with faux lashes, broken product, and small lipstick that can’t come along with me. I calculated that the box is worth $84, which I am a bit skeptical about, but maybe. I know I would never pay that much for these products, but I love getting all that for just $17. So there – it’s not the best box on the market, but price/value ratio is not bad, so I might even go for another one and see if it comes broken again. Stay beautiful, ladies!