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GlobeIn The World Flourish Box

GlobeIn The World Box

GlobeIn boxes are my Zen experience. Each one is more beautiful than the previous one and each brings items and products that promote art and peace, which are both very important for me. I think that we all run too much without stopping to look around and find things of lasting beauty.

GlobeIn The World Flourish Box Offer

I fight this fast paced reality with beautiful GlobeIn boxes. I like that I can choose a theme and nothing is shoved up my throat without giving me a chance to pick what I want. Each month there are a few themes and if I really like something, I can even go back and order the one I liked, but at that time didn’t choose. There is no limit to how many I can buy, but standard membership includes 1 box per month.

GlobeIn The World Flourish Box Stories

GlobeIn boxes are not cheap, but I have yet to meet one box that wasn’t completely worth every dollar spent. I cherish every item, because I can pick the boxes myself and know for sure that I will use and love everything I get.

GlobeIn The World Flourish Box Deals

Another cool thing about GlobeIn is that most items are handmade by artisans worldwide, so nothing is exactly the same, and I will gladly pay $40 or so for that. I currently pay monthly, but there is a way to save more with 6 or 12 month subscription. Materials are ethically sourced and artisans are paid livable wages, so I know that my money help keep women and men at work in regions where it’s needed the most.

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This month my chosen theme was Flourish and I feel like I got a little collection of World Market delivered right to my door. This is what I received:

Mango Wood carver Plant Stand

Mango Wood carver Plant Stand

Each unique stand is handcrafted in India by Talib Rasoo and his colleagues. Saharanpur region is renowned for woodworking and the craft runs in families. However, business can be slow due to remoteness and competition. Thanks to GlobeIn, Talib can continue making his plant stands and not only pay his employees, but invest some money in updating his studio, which is susceptible to floods.

I plan to use this cute mango wood stand to place my elephant planter on.

Whitewashed Terracotta Elephant Planter

Whitewashed Terracotta Elephant Planter

This planter is made in Bangladesh, coastal town of Bauphal. Despite being on the coast, the economy of this town and many others in Bangladesh is lackluster at best. Women are especially disadvantaged in places like that and have to carry the burden to provide for their family with very limited opportunities. Thanks to GlobeIn’s partner CORR the Jute Works, artisan women of Bangladesh started having possibilities to connect with global market and their trade was once again appreciated.

The author of my planter, Bijoly Rani, can now work in comfortable conditions and contribute to her family’s livelihood. See, I love to read stories like that!

Lovely Birds Wind Chime

Lovely Birds Wind Chime

The wind chime is made by two friends, Ashu and Azeem from India. The pair have been farmers all their lives, but decided to venture into crafts as a way to make extra money. The bells are made of recycled iron and are very sustainable. After the entire construction is made, the birds and bells are dipped in molten brass for the distinct antique look.

I live in California, where wind is plentiful, so this wind chime is very natural here and sounds great in my courtyard, which is shielded from the strongest winds.

As I said at the beginning, all 3 of those items move me, bring a breath of fresh air after all the mass production stuff our lives are overflowing with, and will help me create some calm in my home and soul.