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GlobeIn Picnic Box Review

GlobeIn Picnic Box

GlobeIn subscription offered picnic box this month and even though it’s almost like a cruel joke right now, coronavirus lockdown will be over soon and then picnic boxes will be all the rage, or so we hope. With those hopes and with realization that summer is upon us, I decided to order picnic box this time. This freedom of choice is what I love most about GlobeIn boxes!

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Every box brings 4-6 full size items that are handmade by various artisans around the world, imported, and unique. It costs just $33 per month with subscription, but the value of all items far exceeds this price. You can view next month’s boxes online and pick your own theme, so you will never be stuck with something you don’t like or have any use for – all other subscription boxes, we are looking at you!

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My latest philosophy in life is to live more responsibly and strive to buy items that are ethically made, with respect to our environment, and from natural materials. All of that and more I can find in GlobeIn boxes. This is why I continue to order from them.

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Let’s take a look at all the handmade goodies in the recent GlobeIn Picnic box:

Small Picnic Basket from Ghana (13”x7”)

GlobeIn Picnic Basket

This basket is not huge, but who needs huge baskets for picnic, when you all you put there is some artisan cheese, crackers, a few olives, and a bit of wine? All those delicacies will fit in this handmade basket and will arrive in colorful style. The basket can be used as a summer handbag for a beach or for a happy hour, when the quarantine is over, of course.

GlobeIn Basket

Tall Handblown Glass, set of two, from Mexico

I am not sure if I will take these to an actual picnic, but I plan on enjoying them at home to the fullest. I can already imagine all the sangria drinks I will have from them this summer. If I am not allowed to organize big gatherings, nobody will stand in my way of drinking with me, myself, and I from those perfectly imperfect glasses with colorful rim.

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Blue Splatter Enamel Serving Tray from India

This tray is also not huge, like the picnic basket, but its style makes up for the size. I am obsessed with all things storage and use little baskets and trays like this all over my house, from the kitchen to the bathroom. This handmade tray from India is one-of-a-kind with unique blue splashes and will lighten up my kitchen and my picnic spread. It looks very durable and feels sturdy, which is what you need outdoors. The tray also makes a nice color combination with the glasses, so I can use them as a set.

GlobeIn Enamel Serving Tray

Can’t wait for my next box from GlobeIn! Here is to hope that it will find me released from home and roaming the wilderness!