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GlobeIn Chef Box Review

GlobeIn Chef Box

In our uncertain times of corona virus pandemic and reduced shopping opportunities, it’s absolutely wonderful to get a box full of items and products from faraway lands made by the hands of local artisans.

This month my chosen theme was chefs and kitchen, which is where I spend quite a bit of time while working from home and homeschooling my kids. Kitchen is one of my favorite places anyway, and I am here all the time now because kids seem to be always hungry for some reason.

GlobeIn Chef Box Coupon

My usual shopping pattern is broken and forever changed as all stores, except for grocery, are closed. Online is the only retail place these days, but I often don’t have any time, desire, and energy left for shopping. Delivery times are long everywhere and the experience is just not the same. At the same time I really want to update something in my home, because it’s the only place we all are seeing this spring with no end in sight, so having a few new high quality positive things and products does a great deal to brighten my mood.

GlobeIn Chef Box definitely was anticipated. I always like it, but this time it was even more special. I wiped the box all over the place when disinfecting wipes when it arrived and was ready to take a break from all the house happenings to have a minute or a few for myself.

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I love GlobeIn box because it always features artisans from underprivileged countries and communities, showcasing their art and work, and helping them economically. I also enjoy using various items that arrive from Africa, India, or South America, and couldn’t be found here. Finally, I feel good that my money helps support people and secure jobs for them.

This is what arrived in GlobeIn Chef Box:

  • Mortar & Pestle from Indonesia – this cute wooden set came from a village located right at the foot of a volcano. Each family in that village is working with wood and passes their skills from generation to generation.

GlobeIn Mortar & Pestle from Indonesia

My family is big guacamole lovers, so I know I’ll be using this dish for that purpose, but there are many other uses for it too – spice or gazpacho grinding, salsa serving, and pesto making.

  • Tatreez Apron from Palestinian Territories – the aprons are denim and each adorned with traditional tatreez embroidery that is normally passed from mothers to daughters.

GlobeIn Tatreez Apron from Palestinian Territories

This art is now helping women and refugees in the West Bank make ends meet and provide for their families. The apron is very stylish and will be worn by me every time I’ll feel like making something exquisite.

  • Berber bowl from Morocco – the bowl is made of clay by master Hamid from city of Safi and his students. He learned the craft from Mohamed Serghini and since then uncovered the secrets of this ancient art himself.

GlobeIn Berber bowl from Morocco

The bowl is a proof of multitude of regions and cultures of Morocco. It is perfect for soup, salad, or rice, and should be hand-washed.

  • Woven utensil case for picnic from Mexico – hand woven things are very popular in Mexico and are developed into an art form by different villages. You can expect authentic ornaments and color patterns.

GlobeIn Woven utensil case for picnic from Mexico

This little case is great for taking utensils with you on a picnic or to the office along with lunch. I love the bright colors and knowing that there is no second one like this anywhere.

  • GlobeIn magazine – I always enjoy reading the stories about each item and where they came from. I also find inspiration from those stories and enjoy knowing what to expect from GlobeIn in the future.

GlobeIn magazine

  • Mother’s Day coupon – GlobeIn can make a perfect gift for sure. You can give a subscription of an Artisan Box to your mom and also receive $40 add-on credit with every such gift subscription you purchase.

GlobeIn Mother’s Day coupon

I feel that every positive event and item can help us heal and survive this corona pandemic. Sure, we don’t want to stay locked up at home, but let’s just think about all the refugees on the West Bank and villagers in Indonesia, who have a lot more serious problems than we do, like how to feed their families. GlobeIn box does a great job bringing their stories closer and making us reevaluate our own life. Knowing about theirs, my own problems seem less grim and life is really not that bad.

Pasta carbonara with bacon and peas from GlobeIn magazine

Today I put my new apron and cooked pasta carbonara with bacon and peas from GlobeIn magazine. This made me feel good, I felt connected to people of the world, and understood that we all are intertwined more than we realize and that we will overcome whatever life throws at us together, as community of the world. And I have to thank GlobeIn for this realization and my renewed hope in humanity.

Recipes from GlobeIn magazine

I hope by the time my next box arrives, this difficult time will be over, but if not, I might be better equipped to deal with it. Stay safe and enjoy life!