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GlobeIn boxes always bring comfort and warmth to my heart and home. I don’t know what exactly that is – maybe the fact that everything is unique and hand made from all around the world or maybe simply because every item is heartfelt and made with love. I also enjoy knowing that my purchase helps somebody in underprivileged communities to have education, health care, and food on the table.

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GlobeIn boxes are a little different from other subscription services, because you can choose the kind of box you want to receive. Most monthly artisan boxes are about food, family, entertainment, and the themes vary each month, but you can always choose from quite a few.

GlobeIn box is not the cheapest on the market and will set you back by $40 for just a few items, but you have to keep in mind that those items are unique and one-of-the-kind. You will not be able to get the exact copy anywhere else as everything is handmade and hand painted. Each order lifts somebody’s quality of life and support sustainability efforts all around the world. So at the end of the day I would rather pay $40 for 5 items than $40 for 8 items from yet another cookie cutter box.

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This month I chose Bao box because I just felt like taking care of my family with cozy homemade meals to keep the noise of outside world outside. We all could use some Asian-inspired stillness these days as winter is raging outside. Preparing healthy meals and serving them to my loved ones will definitely help me remain sane until spring comes, which is when I truly come back to life.

Here are the items for my kitchen and for my heart from Bao box this month:

Rice Paddle from Tunisia

GlobeIn Rice Paddle from Tunisia

This beautiful rice paddle is made of all natural olive wood. It not only has beautiful pattern, but is chip and wear resistant, so I plan to enjoy it for a long time. Olive trees are used to grow olives, but when they become too old, their wood becomes these beautiful paddles, bowls, cutting boards, and other kitchenware, so nothing is ever wasted.

I plan to use this rice paddle for scooping way more than just rice – there is absolutely no reason why this tool wouldn’t work for mashed potatoes or salad.

Organic Rooibos Tea from India

Organic Rooibos Tea from India

The tea is produced by Equal Exchange, which goes one step beyond fair trade – they invest in small farms instead of supporting big plantations. The organization model is a worker co-op made up of 130 equal owners who all have a say and everybody’s best interest in mind.

Worker co-op cares not just about profits, but about all the small farmers and their rights with responsibilities that constitute working environment. You might care about all that or you might not, but one thing is clear – you will definitely enjoy a magnificent cup of tea!

Smoked Chili Flakes from India

Smoked Chili Flakes from India

The chilies come from a small cluster of organic farmers who truly care about how they grown and how they take care of soil and plants. They use oxen for plowing and create their own compost, so nothing is wasted.

The chili fruits are picked when they get fully ripe and dry on the plant, so freshness is always guaranteed. You can rest assured that this bag of seasoning with a kick is sustainable, delicious, and organic to the core.

Palm Leaf Placemat – Natural Round from Mexico

Palm leaf weaving is a way of life for many families in Mexico. It’s a craft that makes a difference and provides livelihood for people who otherwise would have hard time making ends meet. Palm leaves are abundant in Mexico, so all the things made of them are sustainable.

This placemat is not only beautiful, but also protects surfaces from heat, dust, and spills. It also looks great as a decorative piece by itself.

Assorted Semi-Precious Stone Chopstick Rests from India

Each stone might seem simple, but they all got through a rigorous process of hand sculpting. Each semi-precious rock has to be harvested, cleaned, and then hand carved to achieve perfectly rounded corners without breaking. Real masters complete the process and send you a piece of work that takes about 10 days.

In addition to helping your chopsticks rest, each stone has healing properties, so keep them close and enjoy!

Dim Sum Steamer from Vietnam

Dim Sum Steamer from Vietnam

This traditional bamboo steamer works for more than just Dim Sum – you can steam anything you will think off. It’s super lightweight and easy to clean. Each steamer is handmade by women from disadvantaged families trying to make a difference for their families.

All you’ll need to use this steamer is a cabbage leaf or a piece of parchment paper with holes in them and a pot of boiling water. Cooking this way is not only flavorful, but very healthy as well.