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GlobeIn Glam Box Review

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GlobeIn box always cheers me up with unique finds, and this June was no exception. I picked Glam Box and was definitely ready for glamorous stuff for showing off. Summer is perfect time for getting and displaying things and products made from natural materials by hand. I always think wood and straw for home, beach, and pool parties. Add hand work by artisans to these materials and you will get sheer perfection.

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I love GlobeIn box even if it is on an expensive side, when compared to other subscription boxes. You always pay for what you get, and with GlobeIn you get items that are one of the kind and not for sale at your local Target. This, to me, is worth a few extra dollars. My money also helps artisan communities in developing world, which is why I feel that I make positive impact while getting things me and my family love.

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Glam Box isn’t your usual runway stuff or make up, but all 4 items serve a purpose that is closely connected to fashion and style. And yes, they are made of wood, straw, metal, and most importantly, by hand.

Let’s take a look at what I got this time:

Netted Woven Seagrass Tote

GlobeIn Netted Woven Seagrass Tote

This is the straw I mentioned above. While it’s not really straw, it looks like one and is made of seagrass, which is more abundant than straw and doesn’t take as many fields to be produced. Few things on Earth are more sustainable than seagrass. The tote is made in Vietnam, where seagrass technology is pretty new, but growing fast.

GlobeIn Glam Box Tote

You can buy flowers, accessories, and other items, made from seagrass. My plan is to fill this tote with beach towels and go to spend a day there as soon as I am ready to deal with rules and regulations of California. On the other hand, this is also perfect for pool parties or just day visits and playdates.

Hand-painted Pottery and Wood Jewelry Box

GlobeIn Hand-painted Pottery and Wood Jewelry Box

This is definitely a beauty for my rings and precious metal necklaces! It is made in India. The wooden body is produced and hand glued in Saharanpur, while pottery drawers come from Khurja.

GlobeIn Jewelry Box

They are shaped and painted by hand, and then baked in kiln. While this little jewelry box is perfect for rings and little things, you can also use it as seasoning or key holder. It will look good in your bathroom, kitchen, and just about anywhere else, just keep it away from moisture.

Gold Hammered Jewelry Dish

GlobeIn Gold Hammered Jewelry Dish

While this dish is small, it will hold your favorite earrings and your ring collection, unless you have 50 rings, which might be difficult then. The dish is made in India by hammering brass into shape. The artists and their families get education and above living wages, helping them move forward, and your money plays no small part in this.

GlobeIn Glam Box Jewelry Dish

I see so many uses for this dish, besides just jewelry tray. It can be salt and pepper shaker holder, a plate for cute small potted plant, a trey for keys on the entrance table, and so much more.

Rosewood Hairpin

GlobeIn Rosewood Hairpin

This is one thing that every long haired fashionista should have in her arsenal. The hair pin is pretty much a long intricate two prong fork made of wood, but it’ll make any up-do look exotic and stay in place all day long. It sticks out from both sides of buns of all kinds and looks great with any style.

GlobeIn Glam Box Hairpin

You can easily make plaited bun, Chinese braided bun, or cinnamon bun with the help of this pin. The best part is that you don’t even have to know all these buns – they come with step by step directions, so anybody can make them. Enjoy!

I know I definitely will!