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GlobeIn Dine Box review

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GlobeIn subscription box has been on my radar for a while. I tried a couple of boxes already and found that I wanted more of this good thing. Unlike some other subscription boxes, GlobeIn doesn’t lock you in one unified box, but lets you pick a theme that reflects your interests. This way you don’t have to get the same hair conditioner like Karen next door, but choose beauty, dining, hydration, picnic, and many other themes each month that appeal to you, not Karen.

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No matter which theme you go for, you are destined to love what’s inside. Because why wouldn’t you, when you get handmade goodies from all over the world? While enjoying the items, you can feel all warm inside because your money helps support disadvantaged communities all over the world.

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Another reason why I love GlobeIn box so much is the fact that they use natural and often organic materials for products that are handmade and truly one-of-a-kind. It’s easy to get subscription for items that are all cookie cutters, but those you can get in stores yourself, if coronvirusa allows, of course. But with GlobeIn you sign up for way more than that – art, positive message, support, and uniqueness factor at just $60 per box.

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Since we are locked in on quarantine orders these days and can’t go out to eat, I decided to spruce up my tableware and ordered GlobeIn Dine Box. If I have to cook every day and eat at home, I might as well do it in style.

This is what came in my Dine GlobeIn March box:

Hand painted pasta bowl from Tunisia

GlobeIn Hand painted pasta bowl from Tunisia

While it is called pasta bowl, you can serve whatever you like and whatever you cook a lot of – it’s big enough for a family meal. The ceramic bowl is beautiful and hand painted by a team of artists in Tunisia.

GlobeIn Hand painted pasta bowl

They follow traditional technique and are led by charismatic Ahmed Belli. This dish is truly unique and will help your meals feel less domestic until you can visit fancy eateries again.

Spice grinder from South Africa

GlobeIn Spice grinder

Take a trip to Africa right from your kitchen – fresh spice collection in this little grinder will help you do that. You can add this seasoning blend to whatever you’re cooking or keep it on the table for individual tastes. High quality local ingredients and income that stays in the community is enough to feel good while taking this foodie adventure.

Olive wood spoon from Tunisia

GlobeIn Oliive wood spoon from Tunisia

Tunisia is definitely on the menu in March from GlobeIn. Local artists learn wood sculpting art and can have steady jobs supporting their families in a country that is economically unstable. The spoon you will get is absolutely beautiful and can be used for anything in your kitchen –stirring, tasting, and serving. It has beautiful wood markings and color.

Organic volcano rice from Indonesia

GlobeIn Organic volcano rice from Indonesia

I have tried this rice before, they are sold at Whole Foods, and so I was especially happy to get them in GlobeIn box. Rice feeds about half of our planet’s population and uses a lot of water.

GlobeIn Organic volcano rice

To reduce rice foot print in Asia, Lotus Foods is partnering with small farms that grow organic rice in rich volcano soils and use 50% less water.

GlobeIn Mexican Rice Soup Recipe

Eating healthy food should also make you feel food, and this sure does.

Palm leaf bottle basket

GlobeIn Palm leaf bottle basket

This is it for that time when your bottle needs a basket, something colorful and natural that is. The bottle basket can match your collection of monthly GlobeIn baskets, so in time you can have an entire set for your home or picnic basket.