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My Honest Globe In Box Review

GlobeIn Coupon

In my quest to find the best subscription box, I have discovered Globe In and was immediately intrigued and mesmerized by them. It’s different than all othzers not only because it has items and artifacts from all over the world, but also because it really carries many messages with it – fair trade, handmade, environment and healthy body support.

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Globe In reminds me of Cause Box a little bit, but takes the message and the cause to the next level. The company features items made by artisans in developing countries, uses fair trade products, provides employment and exposure for underprivileged people, and gives back with donations. If you care about those values in general, this box is for you.

Globein African Black Soap

You will be getting items and products for home, beauty supplies, health for mind and body, and even home-made remedies recipes (avocado honey lemon face mask anyone?). I think it’s a unique subscription box and products that it brings would be hard to collect randomly on our own, at least for me.

GlobeIn Promo Offer

What makes me love this box more than anything else is the support it gives to communities that need help not only here, but around the world. I am using all the items I received and want to take care of every one of them because of how meaningful they all are.

Globein vs Local Farmers Market

The selection of items in Globe In box reminds me of stuff you could find at a local farmers market – hand made locally, with sustainable materials, and that warm feeling. I can visit farmers markets any time I want, because I live in Sothern California, but many people in other locations don’t have such opportunity, and in their case Globe In is a very nice option.

Globein Bath Towel

This is how much Globe Box costs:

  • Every box includes 4-5 handmade items that are valued $70- $150
  • Each box comes once per month and costs $40
  • If you choose 3-month membership, each box will be $38
  • 6-month plan costs $35 per month
  • 12-month plan costs $33 per month
  • Shipping is free the first month
  • Later it costs $10 to deliver each box
  • Members get discounts for buying extra items from Globe In market

Globein Silk Face Scrub

Here are some facts that might surprise you:

Globein Discount

  • Every box is 100% customizable, so you choose what you get
  • Globe In offers 1 million work hours per year
  • The company works with artisans from over 50 countries
  • They have 10,000 and more artisan partners
  • Globe In always uses fair trade materials and supplies
  • Over the last 3 years, the company invested $3.5 million in underprivileged communities around the world

Globein Palm leaf basket

While Globe In is not the cheapest box on the market, you know that your money will be changing the world and making an impact. There are also various ways to save a little:

  • First of all, opt for longer subscription and save money each month.
  • You can find coupons for free stuff, such as free wine glasses or a coffee mug.
  • You can get 30% off the first Globe In box with coupon GIVE30.
  • Sometimes you can find promo codes that will grant you $10 off your premium subscription.
  • 6 or 12 month subscribers can use code FBSTARTFREE and get the first box free.

GlobeIn Discount Code

My first Globe In box was red and had Fragile sign on it. It looked fairly big and I couldn’t wait to open it. This is what I found inside:

  • The first item I saw when I opened the box was magazine with information and pictures about each item and where everything was made. I received 6 items total.
  • Upcycle Tote Bag – large good looking bag is made in Ghana by hand by women who commute several hours to work, but are very happy with this opportunity to provide for their children and help the environment by reusing materials.
  • Coconut oil – hand made in Thailand and can be used in the kitchen and on your skin any time. The oil is made by farmers that grow coconuts for generations and believe in their healing capabilities.
  • Handwoven Basket – I love the blue and white colors, the natural feel, and how light it is. With two kids at home, I will have plenty of uses for such basket. It is made in Mexico, from hand-colored palm leaves. It takes about 3 hours to make one basket and women from the city of Oaxaca make about 3 per day.
  • Zambeezi Lip Balm from Zambia – it is made of organic beeswax that comes from chemical-free region that doesn’t see any human activity. Making it supports local population and land.

Pestemal Bath Towel

  • Pestemal Bath Towel – it is made of 100% cotton by hand in Turkey and is small, but powerfully absorbent and fast drying. Women in Buldan region practice ancient hand-looming techniques while providing for their families and celebrating the craft.

GlobeIn Pestemal Bath Towel

  • Alaffia Shea Butter Soap – its passion fruit flavored and made in Togo. Soap makers there are proud of their long standing traditions of making soap from shea butter and African palm kernel oil. Part of the proceeds are donated by Alaffia company back to the community, supporting maternity care, and paying for used bikes that are donated for local youth to ride to school.

Globein Alaffia Shea Butter Soap

I was so impressed with my first Globe In box that I am planning to sign up for at least 3 months and see what other wonderful items I will be getting!