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Macy's Secret Shopping Tactics. Be the Smartest Shopper

Macy's Store Roof

Chances are you love Macy's and shop there at your local store and online. Chances are you can find many great deals on designer stuff and trendy fashion and that’s why you love Macy’s. But there is also a chance that not everything is a good deal or a program worth your attention. Read this list of 10 best and worst things at Macy's before taking that kitchenware home on your next shopping trip.


1. Designer Apparel and Home Goods

Michael Kors Handbags at Macy's

If you can find a good deal on these, get it and don't wait. You can find some really fancy stuff at really down to earth prices. Imagine suits from Kenneth Cole or Sean John for as little as $50 or Michael Kors handbags for $35!

2. Cosmetic Returns

Urban Decay Cosmetics at Macy's

We all can make a mistake and buy a shade of lipstick that just doesn’t go with our complexion. If you make that mistake at Macy's, you are in luck because you can return gently used cosmetics and get full refund.

3. Easy Exchanges

Exchanging something at Macy’s is as smooth of a process as it can be. You don’t even need a receipt because the retailer uses special UPC codes and will be able to track your purchase.

4. Semi-Annual Sale

Macy's Final Sale

Everybody should do their biggest shopping during these twice a year sales. The best discounts are on jewelry, home décor, fashion, and clearance section. The exact dates vary from year to year, but expect to see these sales in January and August.

5. Registry

Macy's App

Let you wedding guest save some money while buying gifts for you by opening Macy’s registry. The best deals here are on china patterns, kitchen essentials, bedding, home décor, and luggage from top brands that are not always discounted by other retailers. In addition to good prices, some of those popular registry items are eligible for site-wide discounts.

6. Outerwear

Macy's Store

If you need anything form The North Face, check out Macy's deals on it and other outerwear brands. You might find an occasional deal on this brand somewhere online, especially during summer, but Macy’s is constantly stocked with plenty of choices and good prices.

7. Small Kitchen Appliances

Cuisinart Coffee Makers

Shop KitchenAid, Keurig, and Nespresso small appliances at Macy’s for the best deals. The retailer can’t compete with others when it comes to large appliances, but it is winning at small kitchen helper machines.

8. One-Day Sales

Macy's Black Friday Preview Sale

All year long, most of the time on Saturdays, you will find one-day sales when some items are sporting fantastic prices. For example, a 40% discounted items might be 65% for just that one day or clearance items might receive additional 40% off. The highest chances to find these sales are on February, April or May, October, and definitely December.

9. Coupons

Macys Friends & Family Discount

Macy’s is heaven for all coupon lovers. You can count on the retailer to routinely have 10-20% off and $10-$25 discounts on your purchase. Most of them work in-store and online.

10. Returns

The return time for most purchases is unlimited with some exceptions: fine watches have 30 day window and mattresses command $80 pick-up fee or 15% preference fee.


1. Macy’s Credit Card

Macys Super-Sunday Discount

Think very well before signing up for one, because it has very low credit limit and very high APR of almost 27%. Users rate the card poorly because of billing problems and low quality customer service. Cardholders receive some perks, like extra coupons and discounts, but they don’t offset the inconveniences.

Extra Coupons and Discounts with Macys Credit Card

2. Ongoing Sales

Michael Kors Shoes at Macy's

Ongoing sales prices are just regular prices and don’t bring big savings. If an item never goes off sale it doesn’t mean you are getting a deal. Always research the price and do some comparison before buying.

3. Electronics

Macy’s has never been famous for its electronics selection and deals, so fulfill those needs somewhere else. Save you money and take it Best Buy or to similar places.

4. Rebates

Macy's 75% OFF Discount

Rebates are not a bad thing, but Macy’s gets their prices down through rebates on Black Friday, which is the day when you are supposed to get the best deals anyway. This hassle is quite unnecessary at that time.

5. Shipping

Free shipping at Macy’s applies only to beauty items and orders over $99, everything else is paid. The best thing to do to avoid paying for shipping is to order over $99 and then send whatever you don’t need back for free.

6. Shopping Without Coupons

Women's Shoes For Sale At Macy's

The beauty of Macy’s is coupons, so never shop without them, ever. Look for them if you don’t have any sent to you when you need them. Check out coupon aggregation sites or wait a day or two if nothing good is immediately available.

7. Headphones

We have talked about electronics and the same applies to headphones. The choices are not the best and the prices are even worse.

8. Fitness Equipment

Macy’s does not specialize in fitness equipment and tools, so you won’t find the selection you might be looking for. The same applies for deals of that equipment. You will be much better of taking your business to stores that specialize in fitness.

9. Large Appliances

Macy’s is known for deals on small appliances, so leave the big ones alone. Don’t even try finding any large appliance items online simply because the merchant doesn’t carry them.

10. Black Friday

Macy's Black Friday 60% OFF Discount

This might sound strange, but Black Friday at Macy’s is not attention grabbing. Yes, you will find discounts and deals, but they can be easily matched and outdone by other retailer and beat in variety category. Do some research prior to spending your valuable Black Friday time at Macy’s.

Macy's Bag