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Traditional brick-and-mortar retail is all about innovation and experiences these days and nobody can blame them because competition with e-commerce companies is stiff. The only reason for consumers to still shop at physical stores is really the sensual stimulation. Macy’s understood that and set out to reform its way of marketing with Story at Macy’s.


What is the latest Macy’s Story?

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Macy’s Story is currently available at 36 locations nationwide and is changing every few months. The retailer unveiled its second concept that will last until September and is called Outdoor Story in collaboration with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Miracle-Gro. Each installment features local vendors and nationally-known brands with focus on everything outdoors. These couple of months it’s all about bringing the outside indoors, summer entertainment, and recreational activities.


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What can consumers expect to experience this time?

The outdoor theme is created with the help of over 70 brands, eye-catching store designs, and 250 localized events created with people and entertainment in mind. The events range from indoor gardening workshops to kayaking down the local rivers.

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How did The Story Start?

The new concept was an unexpected breath of fresh air for the retail giant as it was searching for new ways to enrich consumer experience and make use of retail space as more and more business went to online companies. The founder of NYC store Story, Rachel Shechtman offered this collaboration idea and it really made positive waves. Such unprecedented work together among competing retailers and selling each other’s products is a first for all of them, according to Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette. The vision was such a hit that all the arrangements were made in two months, which is a lightning speed in retail world.

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Do other brick-and-mortar retailers follow Macy’s lead?

Macy’s is not the only retailer venturing into community-themed events. REI offers classes, tours, and even organized traveling abroad. Sephora organizes Studio locations with beauty classes and concierge services. All of those strategies are aimed at one thing and one thing only – building brand loyalty and bringing more than just a transaction.

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What will this collaboration bring to the businesses involved?

Consumers are destined to be surprised by the new concept and this is exactly what the collaborators are hoping for. Macy’s wants to show not only their customers, but other businesses too that working together is the new way of competition and the only method to stay afloat when dealing with online shopping popularity. By telling a story, brands and retailers can lean on each other, stay strong, and learn something new while building on each other’s strengths and overcoming weaknesses together.

The Story at Macy’s is definitely going to grow and connect even more merchants and brands with consumers, which will  benefit Macy’s own sales strategy at the end and we will be interested to see what kind of future installments they’ll come up with.