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Birchbox vs. Glossybox

Birchbox VS Glossybox

Welcome to two little beauty boxes, my friends! I am on a beauty subscription box bender lately and today would like to compare Birchbox and Glossybox. While the two boxes are not identical, they are quite similar. They both are delivered monthly, include beauty, makeup, and health products, target women, have about the same number of items in each box, and are about the same size. This is where their similarities end.

Birchbox Beauty Boxes

When it comes to differences, there are a few. Birchbox delivers sample size products, while GlossyBox contains full size items. Birchbox is cheaper than GlossyBox and slightly smaller, but as I mentioned above, the number of products is the same. Glossy box brings coupons from other merchants and services, while Birchbox does not.

Birchbox Sample Size Products

Before I dive deeper, I want to say that both subscription services have slightly different purpose and it is important to keep in mind when comparing both. GlossyBox delivers full size items and that’s the end of their mission – you get to keep the products and enjoy everything for a while. Birchbox delivers samples, which you are supposed to test, pick what you think you would like, and then order full size versions on birchbox.com.

Number 4 Lumiere d'hiver Clarifying Shampoo

This leads to my most important point:

For $21 per month for GlossyBox you get 5-6 full size items and some useful coupons; no more money needs to be spent. Birchbox costs $15 per month or $12 with subscription, but you get only small items and have to order what you like from the website, so $12 is just the beginning. This to me simply means that GlossyBox brings more value for my money. The rest is a matter of preference.

Let’s take a look at both most recent boxes that I ordered to try and test. GlossyBox came right around Christmas and Birchbox arrived after the New Year and is the first box of 2020.

Glossybox Beauty Box Subscription Gift

Let’s take a peek inside of both boxes, starting with GlossyBox, which looks luxurious from outside and is nicely arranged, complete with burgundy wrapping paper and golden ribbon:

  • $80 Hello Fresh Meal Kit gift card.

Hello Fresh Meal Kit Gift Card at GlossyBox

  • $100 Wine Coupon from nakedwines.com.

$100 Wine Coupon From Nakedwines.com at GlossyBox

  • NailMedic Nail and Cuticle Rejuvenator – the square bottle looks cute with two separate layers of liquid and amazing scent. I use it all the time.

NailMedic Nail and Cuticle Rejuvenator at GlossyBox

  • Lasplash Cosmetics Golden Gatsby 3d Faux Lashes – they look nice, but I don’t wear fake lashes, so they’ll go to my friend.
  • LUXIR Precision blending makeup brush – a girl can never have too many brushes!
  • Realher Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek Trio – arrived all broken inside and upon opening all kinds of glow powder spilled on me and around me, so it had to be thrown away without even trying. Real bummer and Glossy Box impression spoiler.

Glossybox Beauty Products

  • Steve Laurant Beauty Cherry Lip Gloss – it’s small, red, in a round container, and does not have a brush for application. I used it at home a few times and while I like the color, I wouldn’t call it a lip gloss as it’s nothing glossy about it.

Steve Laurant Lip Tint Cherry From Glossybox

GlossyBox Promotions:

  • Extra $5 OFF The 1st Box with code FIRST5
  • 20% OFF Your First Beauty Subscription Box

To sum up the Glossy Box, I will say that out of 5 beauty products I will only use 3, because the glow powder got broken and I don’t wear fake lashes. Lip color is also not great as application is very inconvenient. That pretty much leaves me with the brush and nail rejuvenator for $21. The destruction of one item is not GlowBox’s fault, so I am not mad at them about it even though I was very frustrated upon spilling it all over. I am willing to give them another try to see if I will like the selection better and avoid broken items.

Glossybox Beauty Set

Birchbox is rather understated from the outside. There is nothing glamorous about the way the box looks, but I found it cute with drawings of colorful exotic leaves. This is what’s inside:

  • Avene Intense Rehydrating Serum – very nice smelling product with a great promise of rehydration of dry winter skin.

Avene Intense Rehydrating Serum From Birchbox

  • Klorane Anti-Fade Shampoo – I wash my hair every morning after gym and can definitely use this pomegranate smelling fresh shampoo.
  • Klorane Anti-Fade Conditioner – lovely feeling for my color-treated hair and lingering scent, definitely a nice product.

Klorane Anti-Fade Shampoo & Conditioner From Birchbox

  • Lipstick Queen Lip Liner in nude – I am not big on lip liners and pencils, but this product feels good and is universal with its nude shade.

Lipstick Queen Lip Liner, Nude From Birchbox

  • NEST Fragrances Dahlia & Vines Parfum – the scent is very strong and heavy, but I can wear it to a fancy party, where I’ll need to make a statement, which is pretty much every party.

NEST Fragrances Dahlia & Vines Parfum From Birchbox

  • OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil – I have oily skin, so while this product can’t be used on my entire body, I am definitely spraying it on my hands and legs. It smells wonderful!

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil From Birchbox

Birchox Coupons:

  • 15% OFF Your Purchase with code 15FORYOU
  • Free Gift for Any Subscription with code DOUBLEFUN

Nothing was broken in Birchbox and I didn’t get any fake lashes, but the sizes are super small, and even though it is expected, it still always disturbs me. In Birchbox’s defense I have to say that while Glossy Box features full size items, they pick really small full sizes, which can be very similar to travel size.

To conclude my review I vote for Birchbox because it matched my expectations better and didn’t cover me and my dog in powder.