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Wow! Walmart has Its Own Beauty Box and It Is Fabulous

Walmart BoxWalmart beauty box is getting picked up/20off.com

Walmart is no longer a place for cheap and non-brand home goods and gone are the days when you didn’t expect to find anything trendy there when it comes to style and fashion. The retail giant features all the drugstore brands and more, including CosRX and Tony Moly and Clinique or Clarins. This is especially apparent in the new 2019 Walmart Beauty Favorite Box collection.

What are those boxes about?

Walmart customers always love great deals on beauty and skincare, so the store brought back previously discontinued beauty boxes and they are better than ever at less than $10. If you are first time buyer and interested, definitely give those boxes a try without making a commitment or a significant difference in your wallet.

Walmart Beauty BoxYou can expect beauty items from favorite brands

Are there similar boxes from other stores?

Yes, Sephora also has a line of similar products, called Sephora Favorites Box. Each Walmart box is filled with full-size and smaller packages of products that fit a few different categories, from skincare to lipsticks and shimmery finishes.

Neutrogena Makeup at WalmartMakeup essentials from Walmart

Who picks the brands included?

All the products are hand-picked by experts from hair and beauty industries that work only with the best brands, so you know you are going to get something good. You will definitely see some universally loved names, like L’Oreal Paris, Herbal Essence, and Olay. While those players are good and trusted, it is always exciting to find newcomers like CHI, Sky Organics, and Hard Candy.

L'Oreal at Walmart L’Oréal is just one of the brands you can get from Walmart beauty box

How about the price?

You pay just around $10 per box, but each assortment is valued $30-$59, so you know you are definitely paying a fraction of the price for what you are getting.

Walmart Shampoo OffersPersonal hygiene items are also included

It’s always exciting to try and experience new things without breaking the bank, so we know you are going to like this. To help you even further we are here to tell you about each box, so that you don’t have to get them all. Of course nobody would blame you for wanting to buy them all, but let’s take a look at them all before spending all that money.

Walmart Almay BeautyAlmay is a favorite brand among Walmart shoppers

Where can we get Walmart Beauty Boxes?

Unfortunately and at least for now the boxes are available in-store only, so you won’t be able to order them online just yet.

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  • Free Two Day Shipping on Orders Over $35

Skin Foundation at WalmartMakeup choices at Walmart

  • Glow like a Pro ($10)

This box is all about summer glow and includes shimmer body spray, bronzers, highlighters, and setting sprays.

Walmart Burts Bees BeautyBurt’s bees natural products get delivered via Walmart Beauty Box

  • Latest in Lips ($10)

Your lips will definitely be nice and plump with this collection of hydrogel lip patch and various colors in liquid, gloss, liner, and lipstick shapes and forms.

Lipsticks Deals at WalmartMilani cosmetics at Walmart

  • Influenced by Nature ($10)

If you care about clean and natural beauty products, this box is for you. You will find nature-inspired items like shampoo, conditioners, hand sanitizers, and many others.

Shampoo Deals at WalmartBaby supplies from Walmart

  • Salon Made Simple ($10)

This selection is to die for – It’s A 10 and CHI brands for your dry tired hands.

  • Tame Your Mug ($10)

Let’s not forget our men and give them this box to take the best care of their beards. They will find beard conditioning needs like man-friendly face wash, hydrating cream, and silky conditioners.

Olay at WalmartOlay is a staple at Walmart

  • The Everything Skin Kit ($10)

Your skin will thank you for these natural cleansers, brightening face scrubs, waterproof makeup removers, and moisturizing creams.

Walmart Beauty DealsL’Oréal skin products from Walmart

  • Mr. Dashing ($10)

Another great care kit for the love of your life. Surprise him with cleansers, body washes, hair clay, and styling gel – all he needs every morning.

Walmart Beauty OffersPlenty of choices for ladies at Walmart

  • Pretty Little Extras ($10)

Little things to freshen up your look on the go and to take you from day to night without making a long stop at home. You’ll find little things like fake lashes and translucent powder.

Powder Blush at WalmartThings are so popular they get sold out fast

  • Life Shaving Kit ($10)

This little goodie box will work for you and for him – we all like smooth skin after all.

Neutrogena at WalmartNeutrogena is one of the best skincare brands at Walmart

  • The Eyes Have It ($10)

This box has everything you need to make your eyes unforgettable. There is even a mask made with pure 24K gold to rest them in luxury.

Eyeshadows at WalmartGood deals on eye makeup from Walmart

  • The Mane Event ($10)

Great for all types of hair, from straight to wavy and amazing for all kinds of styling – make them smooth, add volume, and texture.