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Cutest Kids Towels from Personal Creations

Personal Creations Coupon Code

Ever since I discovered Personalization Mall a few months ago, I have used them for all my gift needs. There are times when I want to give somebody special something extraordinary and one of a kind, which is what personalization is all about. Recently I saw a coupon for Personal Creations and got intrigued. It’s always good to have more than one place for the gift giving needs.

Personal Creations 25% OFF plus Free Shipping

Because of that accidental coupon, I decided to give Personal Creations a try. This is my experience, which is, I have to say, quite positive.

Personal Creations 25% OFF Coupon

The coupon I used was for 25% off, with the code THAW. With that in hand I ventured to their website to pick something I could use either for me or for my two kids. Since Valentine’s Day is the next big holiday, the home page featured gifts and discounts for everything red and with hearts. My Valentine’s Day gifts are already taken care of, so I wanted to look at other merchandise. I believe that the best time to shop for something is at the end of a season or a holiday, so Valentine’s items can definitely wait for better deals. There is some good news for those, who are waiting for the last minute though – if ordered in the next couple of days, the personalized items can still make it in time for the love fest. Otherwise, wait a few days and get all kinds of things deeply discounted.

Personal Creations are usually running some kind of sale every week. You will see the offers displayed right on the home page, so no guess work is needed. In addition to Valentine’s Day items, you can also save on all kinds of mixed products – up to 50% off.

Personal Creations Kids Towels Coupon

When browsing the Personal Creations website I was attracted to summer merchandise since it’s going to be here in no time, or so we hope. I started my search at For Home section. Then I went to For Kids tab. I was a bit disappointed that there was no ‘Sales or Outlet’ section, but the up to 50% off memories sale was the best collection of deals, so I also browsed there right on the home page.

Personal Creations Promotion Code

I decided that the best way to shop efficiently is to know what you are looking for before coming to the website. I didn’t, so I ended up spending quite a bit of time, but thankfully not money. While looking at different products, personalized towels kept catching my attention, so much so that it was enough for me to decide that personalized towels are what my kids need to be completely ready for summer. It would be lovely to eliminate at least one reason for fighting while at the beach or pool. So towels it was!

Personal Creations 50% OFF Coupon

Making up my mind made my task a lot easier – I just went to For Kids section and selected ‘Kids Towels’. And then I was greeted with many choices for towels – every possible color, hooded and not hooded, with sports teams, various illustrations, with animals, cartoon characters, cars, trucks, abstract drawings, and even ice cream!

Personal Creations Coupon

I wanted the towels to last for a long time, but also look cute, so I picked one red and one blue with a playful pug pup and each child’s name in capital letters on the bottom. It says on the website that it takes 1-3 days for personalization, and it really does – I ordered the beach towels on Monday, they got shipped on Thursday, and delivered on Friday. I actually did not expect such fast shipping, so it was a very pleasant surprise!

Personal Creations Kid's Towel

With my coupon I saved 25%, which is $17.50. The shipping was not free, unfortunately, so that was $9.99 + $2.99 for multi-unit shipping, which is completely nonsensical because both towels arrived in one bag. I am a little offended by this charge. I am sure there are free shipping coupons to be had from time to time, and my recommendation is to use them when possible and not shop without them.

Personal Creations Summer Merchandise Coupon

Besides that shipping charge hiccup, I like everything else, but especially the quality of the towels, which exceeded my expectations. I was ready for something thin and flimsy, but when they actually came, they were not thick, but very dense, bright, and sturdy. The side with the colored drawing and the names has some sheen to it and doesn’t look very absorbent, but the other side is like a regular white towel, made of 50% cotton and another 50% synthetic, great for whisking away every drop of water.

Personal Creations Discount

Today is a nice warm day here and looking at those towels I started visualizing how we will be spending time outside every day in spring, lounging by the pool after school, and laying on those towels on vacation at the beach. And the best thing of all is that kids won’t be accusing each other of stealing the driest towel out of the bunch – they will each now be responsible for their own. I am also confident that friends and beach goers will think that I am one rocking mom with personalized towels like that!

Personal Creations Summer Merchandise Discount

All in all, I really enjoyed my first Personal Creations experience and will do more shopping there as long as there is free shipping coupon available. After all, we still have Easter and graduation coming up!