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Personalized Easter Gifts for Kids

Best Personalized Easter Gifts for Kids

We are done with Valentine’s Day and might be wondering what’s next, right? There is still time, but Easter is the next big thing with its eggs, candy, gifts, stuffed animals, and all around fun frolicking outside egg hunting in a nice weather.

Easter Eggs for Kids

All of this fun needs some preparation, so let’s get ready now to avoid stress later.

Personalized Easter Gifts Coupon

I have been buying personalized gifts for my loved ones whenever I can, and Easter is definitely a perfect time to spoil kids with stuff that means more than some cheap candy.

Easter Gifts for Kids Coupon

Giving them a bucket with their name or a gift basket filled with goodies that also bears their name will make a lasting impression and allow them to enjoy those items for years.

Easter Gifts for Kids Discount

It’s all about kids and bunnies this April 12th, so let’s take a look at what can be loved this season:

Personalized Easter Sand Pail & Shovel – $8.99 at Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall Personalized Easter Gift

You will get a cute bucket with your child’s name on it and a shovel that can be used to dig up some treasures for under $10! And then there is plenty of room to fill up that bucket with candy and even a small toy for the ultimate surprise. I think I’ll get one of these for both of my kids and we’ll take them to the ocean or lake – our annual Easter tradition. There they will enjoy their gifts, will be able to use the buckets as egg hunting baskets, and then take it to the beach for some digging.

Personalization Mall Easter Sand Pail & Shovel

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Easter Bunny Personalized Easter Basket with Drop Down Handle – $29.99 at Personalization Mall

This basket looks like a million bucks and will be the most eye catching accessory anywhere you’ll go with it. Your child’s name can be embroidered on the droopy ear of the rabbit and the whole handwoven basket can be stuffed with goodies of your choice, making it the most perfect gift ever. Once the celebration is over, you can take this basket to pick cherries, peaches, and pomegranates in the fall. Apples there would make a super Instagrammable picture!

Personalization Mall Personalized Easter Baskets

Kid Made Modern Egg Painting Party – $19.49 at Personal Creations

Personal Creations Easter Gifts for Kids

This kit is simply adorable – all kinds of egg coloring supplies come in a wooden basket with your child’s name on the lid. The kit includes water colors, glue, glitter, and much more.

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Personal Creations Easter Coupons

You can add extra things that you have and use it as a picnic basket later, so it can serve multiple purposes and for a long time. I like coloring with organic colors, so I’ll include them in the basket too.

Personal Creations Kid-Made Modern Egg Painting Party

Embroidered Easter Bunny Ear Headband – $8.99 at Personalization Mall

This little accessory can make a big difference for every girl at school and on playdates. She will feel like a cute little rabbit herself just hopping about. It’s in the details, people, especially when it comes to little girls. Personalized headband like this will be loved for longer than just one year, we guarantee it!

Personalization Mall Easter Bunny Ear Headband

Peter Rabbit Collection Totes – $14.99 at Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble Peter Rabbit Collection Totes

Easter is not really Easter without something from Peter Rabbit, so don’t forget this adorable canvas spring tote with Peter himself seated among flowers. The tote is perfect as storage for toys, can serve as egg hunt basket, and will work as a reusable grocery bag any time. Add an even cuter stuffed Peter Rabbit toy to this tote and you will win at Easter.

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Barnes & Noble Easter Basket Deals

LEGO Easter Bunny House – $7.99 at Barnes and Noble

Lego Easter Gifts for Kids

Lego is great any time of the year and this spring the company is offering very affordable, small, and cute house for a little plant, chicken coop, bunny with a huge carrot, and blue scooter – all of that for just $7.99. This can be a great gift to put in that personalized Easter basket!

Lego Easter Gifts

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Ryan’s World Eggs and Giant Eggs – $8-$40 at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, and Target

Ryan’s World Eggs and Giant Eggs

All of those retailers carry some versions of Ryan’s World eggs, and who doesn’t love a surprise that comes from Ryan’s World egg? Kids are simply obsessed and that makes our lives easier – add one of those eggs into the basket or spread a few for egg hunt and you will have some very happy kids. Smaller eggs contain one toy, while giant ones can have one big surprise or a few smaller ones. Quite often the eggs are on sale, such as 10% off at Target. Walmart has a special deal with Ryan and carries exclusive collection that can’t be found anywhere else. Ryan’s eggs were the most popular Christmas gift for 2 years in a row, so hurry up and get some for Easter as well before they are all gone!

Top Personalized Easter Gifts for Kids

I almost forgot to mention that the most unique gifts this Easter would be from my friend from Europe. 

Most Unique Gifts this Easter

She sent me a case of kinder eggs (Spongebob theme) and couple of giant kinder eggs called “Kinder Maxi” eggs.

Easter Kinder Maxi

They are not available in USA yet. The only ones that are available are Kinder Joy eggs and they are completely different toys.

Spongebob Kinder Eggs

The Spongebob kinder eggs and Pet Life 2 eggs I was able to find on eBay.

Easter Kindes Giant

Also these giant 350g are worth mentioning.