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9 Amazing Nutrisystem Snacks

Nutrisystem Coconut Amond Bar

Snacks are a vital part of every diet and eating plan. We are not meant to eat just three times per day; most of us need at least two snacks in between. Snacks should be healthy if we want to maintain healthy weight. Unfortunately it’s snacking that derails many diets these days. This is why Nutrisystem pays extra attention to snacks and offers some amazing choices to satisfy our munchies.


What are the most popular Nutrisystem snacks?

While the company offers virtually endless choices, some snacks are just tested and reviewed more than others. The nine snacks we would like to talk about are not the most reviewed, but they still are the most positively evaluated and totally scrumptious.


Nutrisystem Snacks & Sweets

Take a look and try them out:

  • Cheesecake Flavored Bar (4.4* and 485 reviews)

This snack is like a decadent dessert with graham cracker crisps, cheesecake filling and coated in creamy yogurt. The texture and taste are loved unanimously by those who tried it. With all those flavors swirling together, it might be hard to resist overeating.


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  • Smokey BBQ Snack-A-Rounds (4.2* and 524 reviews)

This is an ultimate snack for all crunch lovers. This snack can easily replace potato chips and all other oily crunchy things. These multigrain crisps include whole grain quinoa, chia, and flax seeds. Add BBQ flavor and you have to die-for snack with 7g of protein and no added flavors.

  • Tiramisu (4.1* and 516 reviews)

Imagine being able to eat tiramisu that is also loaded with protein and fiber! This Nutrisystem dessert has 4g of fiber and 5g of protein without sacrificing taste, so now you can. It has mascarpone cheese and decadent flavors of chocolate and coffee.

  • Toffee Crunch Cookies (4* and 528 reviews)

Those little cookies pack some sweet flavor, plenty of protein, and fiber. The cookies will please your taste buds with rich and buttery toffee flavor that goes perfectly well with coffee.


Nutrisystem Enjoy-Full Snaks


  • Snickerdoodle cookies (4.2* and 500 reviews)

Behind the sinful name hides a soft-baked whole grain cookie, packed with protein and fiber. You can eat it as is or heat it for a few seconds to make it warm. The cinnamon is what makes this treat so exceptional.

  • Sweet & Salty Snack Mix (4.2* and 406 reviews)

This treat is made of peanuts, honey roasted almonds and pretzel balls. The taste is beloved for its mix between salty and sweet, and a perfect touch of crunch. Take this mix with you wherever you go and stay full the healthy way.

  • Chocolatey Nougat Bar (4.2* and 568 reviews)

This little sweet treat entices with chewy nougat center and roasted peanuts, coated with rich chocolate. Your diet will stay intact while your sweet cravings will be satisfied with this bar. There are no artificial flavors, but it has 7g of protein and 6g of fiber. And then add all that to the chewiness in the mix and you have a real winner.


Nutrisystem Turbo Bar


  • Salt and Vinegar Snack-A-Rounds (4* and 344 reviews)

This is another flavor of awesome chip substitution made with whole grain quinoa, chia seeds, and flax seeds. Salt and vinegar flavor is favored by many and when combined with 7g of protein it becomes irresistible. This chip is good for you and good for your diet, so eat it guilt-free.

  • Chewy Peanut Bar (4.2* and 463)

This bar is favored by many because of chewy peanut center that is covered in chocolate. It might taste like a candy bar, but it is very healthy. It contains 9g of protein, 5g of fiber, and no artificial preservatives, so eat on without guilt.