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10 Things You Should Never Buy at Walmart

Walmart Storefront So CalWalmart is found in every town

Walmart is a perfect shopping destination for all who are looking for everything under one roof and for sensible budget. Walmart has all your pharmacy, beauty, grocery, toy, sports, holidays, kitchen, bath, fashion needs covered, and more.

Walmart Fashion ClearanceClearance finds at Walmart

The retailer didn’t start this giant right away; it first was a small store in Bentonville, Arkansas. Later, especially starting in 1980s, the store expanded and started opening Supercenters, which in time sold everything under the sun slowly wiping out small mom and pop stores in every town, city, and state.

While Walmart prices are hard to beat in just about every merchandise category, it is not impossible. This is a list of 10 items that are either cheaper or of better quality elsewhere:

1. Toys and Board Games

Walmart LEGO ToysLEGO supplies from Walmart

Retailers are hard at work stocking their shelves with toys in anticipation of the upcoming holidays. Walmart has many good deals, but it also has some bad ones. Some rebooted board games are more expensive at Walmart than on Amazon: “The Game of Life”, “Sorry”, and “Monopoly Fortnite”. LEGO City Police Station is also a few pennies cheaper on Amazon.


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2. Gift cards

Walmart Gift Cards & MoneyCardWalmart offers all sorts of gift cards

There is a gift card for virtually everything at Walmart, but it doesn’t mean that the deal is always good. If you have a gifting emergency – yes, get them, but if you have some time to drive to another store, do it. If you have more than a few hours, order discounted gift cards on GiftCardGranny.com and save as much as 15% on some of them.

3. Nuts

While Walmart has plenty of nut choices, other places have them cheaper. Whole natural almonds are cheaper at Trader Joe’s by over $1 per pound and by $1.10 per pound at Aldi.

Trader Joe's NutsGrocery section at Aldi

Organic cashews are over $2 less at Aldi than Walmart. Obviously, you should go nuts for nuts not at Walmart.

Aldi Grocery PromotionAldi is leading at value shopping

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4. Organic milk

Walmart Organic MilkDairy products are made affordable at Walmart

Organic milk is great and it’s not that expensive everywhere. Walmart is selling Horizon brand milk, which is over-pasteurized and still more expensive than Trader Joe’s brand. Aldi leaves Walmart completely beat with close to $2 less for its organic milk.

Aldi Organic Produce and MeatOrganic section at Aldi is rapidly expanding

5. Organic Produce

Walmart Organic FruitsBerries in grocery section at Walmart

Walmart is not known as a good produce seller no matter how hard they try. The retailer is expanding its organic section, but to no serious avail. Trader Joe’s and Aldi beat Walmart any time and every time with selection, quality, and prices. Even Whole Foods through Amazon might be cheaper and better than Walmart.

Organic seasonal fruit is available at Walmart

Upon our investigation, we discovered that organic grapes and organic strawberry were cheaper at Trader Joe’s and Aldi by quite a bit.

Trader Joe's Organic FruitsPlenty of healthy choices from Walmart

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6. Batteries

Walmart Battery CenterDuracell batteries are cheaper at Walmart

We wonder if the coming months will make buy more batteries than usual… Most likely yes, because you know, the toys. When that time comes, stay away from Walmart and go to Costco and Sam’s Club. Buying batteries in bulk offers great savings. For example, each Kirkland’s AA battery from 72-pack costs just 28 cents, while Duracell batteries sold at Walmart are 68 cents each. If you want to compare apples to apples, we can tell you that one Duracell battery at Costco is 42 cents.

Costco Duracell BatteryThere is a battery center

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7. Gift packing supplies

Walmart Gift WrappingGift packaging supplies

Gift bags and wrapping paper should be bought at dollar stores, period. Gift bags go for $1 at Dollar Tree. They come in every color and every size. Rolls of paper are also for a dollar. At Walmart: gift bags for $1.48-$5.48 and rolls of paper for $3.48 and $4.98. Need we say more?

8. Small appliances

Walmart Hamilton Beach Microwave OvenHamilton Beach items at your local Walmart

you are in a need of small kitchen appliances for yourself or for a friend, you might be tempted to go to Walmart simply because you know you will find them there. Yes, find it you will, but not at the best price. Some brands make products specifically for Walmart, but they are usually lower in quality. Sometimes even identical items can be cheaper somewhere else. Case in point – Walmart sold KitcheAid tilt-head 4.5-quart stand mixer for $259, while Amazon had it for $200.

9. Ground beef

Walmart All Natural MeatMeat selection is impressive

Ground beef is a very versatile kind of meat to have in the kitchen, but don’t get it at Walmart. Again, go to Aldi and you will save about $1 per pound, which will free up some funds for a decadent dessert after that dinner.

10. Electronics

Walmart ElectronicsElectronic gadgets at Walmart

This one is strange because according to various reports, electronics at Walmart are cheap. Walmart is definitely competitive in this section, but it doesn’t always have the best deals. Consumers should always check competitor prices before investing in a new TV or Google Home device.

Walmart Google Home DeviceGoogle devices are affordable at Walmart

Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and New Egg all sell similar things, but the models might differ. Walmart certainly carries many TV brands that are inferior to Samsung and Sony, but if you look at the screens of those TVs in the store, you won’t tell the difference, because they are all tuned up to look great. But think of how would they all look at home?

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How long your RCA, TCL, or Sceptre TV will last when compared with Samsung? Will saving a little now hurt you in the future? What reviews do these TVs get? Take all of that into consideration before committing to buy.

Walmart Smart TVsRollback deals on TVs are always good

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Finally, if you want to get really good deals on electronics at Walmart, wait until Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, or Christmas sales.