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Best ALDI Saving Tips

Aldi vs Walmart Coupons

Aldi is going toe to toe with Walmart for the lowest grocery prices and that should tell a lot already.

ALDI Shopping Racks

Coupons are not big at Aldi, but thrifty shopping is fully on there as long as you know what to expect and how to go about meeting your budget. Let us help you:

Aldi Finds section

This section is where some of the best deals hide and go pretty fast. Visit it on Wednesday or Sunday mornings, right after restocking.

Aldi Promo Codes

No coupons

Yes, sorry coupons clippers! Aldi has plenty of amazing prices without them.

Aldi Finds Discounts

Bring your own bags

ALDI Eco Friendly Bag

Aldi doesn’t have baggers or free bags, so bring your own bags and be ready to bag stuff yourself. You will feel like a European and will save some money in the process. Aldi charges 5-10 cents per paper or plastic bag.

Savings on meat

Wednesday is the day for raw meat shopping at Aldi because they beat Walmart prices by 20%-50%.

Aldi Meat Discount

Have a quarter with you for shopping

You’ll need a quarter to get a shopping cart, but you will get it back once returned. Not hiring a shopping cart policeman is one other way for Aldi to pass savings onto you.

Aldi Discount Codes

Use cash back apps

When you can’t use coupons at Aldi, cash back apps like Checkout51 or Fetch Rewards are the next best thing.

Aldi Sauces

Aldi app

ALDI Craves Recipes

There are no coupons on the app, but it’s a convenient tool to have and check out weekly deals on the go.

Twice as Nice Guarantee program

With this program you will get a replacement and a refund for something you are not 100% happy with. This deal applies for Aldi brands only.

50% off nearly expired bakery items

This might not be for everyone, but if you are serious about savings, try it. Aldi starts discounting bakery items 5 days before expiration and offers 50% off 2 days before.

Aldi Bakery Discount

Don’t do grocery delivery

Always shop in store yourself, unless you can take advantage of delivery promotion, such as Instacart free trial. Otherwise it costs $5.99 per delivery or $95 per year.

Aldi Same Day Delivery

Affordable seasonal products

ALDI Seasonal Products

Aldi should be your first place for that because scarecrows, wine advent calendars, cheese advent calendars, and German Christmas cookies, vegetables & fruits are ridiculously cheap.

No rewards, no loyalty programs, and no price matching

What you see is what you get – Aldi is keeping it simple.

Aldi Discount

No employee discounts

Everybody is in the same boat, no preferences for anybody.

Clearance section

ALDI Clearance

Check out this section for best deals on last season items.

Don’t buy personal care products at Aldi

Check out Amazon and Target for those because while Aldi is not expensive, best deals for toothbrushes are elsewhere.

Buy discounted gift cards

Check out Raise or Gift Card Granny for discounted gift cards and save right of the top.

Diaper deals

If you are in the market for these, Aldi has Little Journey diapers and wipes for unbeatable prices and quality.

Buy wine at Aldi

Some amazing wines can be had there for $2.99 per bottle. Not all Aldi stores sell alcohol though.

Name brands

While name brands are hard to come by at Aldi, when you find them, they will be cheaper than everywhere else.

Affordable produce

ALDI Vegetables

You can save a lot on produce and even beat Walmart prices, but according to some customers the produce is not always the best.

Gluten-free products

Aldi’s gluten-free brand Live G-Free is cheaper than products at Walmart and even Trader Joe’s.

Affordable salt and olive oil

We all need them every day and they are a steal at Aldi.

Trader Joe’s and Aldi

They are owned by brothers, but other than that there is nothing in common.

Short hours

Aldi is not open late to cut costs, so be done with your shopping by 8 pm.

Aldi Organic Deals

No free things for kids

This is another cost cutting strategy and more money in your pocket.

Weekly ads

ALDI Weekly Ads

Aldi post their weekly deals online or you can grab a newsletter on your way into the store and see what’s on sale that day.

Buy cereal at Aldi

Aldi cereal is $2 per huge box and they taste amazing.

Buy eggs at Aldi

Egg price at Aldi is virtually impossible to beat - $1 per dozen. Stock up on them for all your family’s egg needs.

Buy milk at Aldi

Again, grab milk and you will save more than 30% when compared with anywhere else.

Center isle deals

Center isle is always full of surprising deals, and they are different every week.

Buy live plants at Aldi

The store always has cheap seasonal plants, like orchids, mums, herbs, cut flowers, succulents, and more for $4 each. Beat that!

Organic meat

ALDI Organic Meat

Organic meat selection is great for such a small store and the prices are better than anywhere else, so stock up on that when you can.


Party people love this huge cheesecake that is divided by flavors and costs just $8.

Best cheese

Cheese of all shapes and sizes is available and cheap at Aldi – blocks, shredded, cut, sticks, and cracker cuts.

Canned goods

Most canned fruits and vegetables are as little as $0.50 or even less, so get them for all those family dinners and treats.

Ethnic foods

ALDI Salsa Ingredients

For just a few dollars you can try various foods from all around the world – cheeses, desserts, sauces, and snacks.

Bakery items

All the delicious treats are $1-$1.50 each – think bread, sandwich rolls, flat breads, and croissants.

Savings on dietary foods

ALDI Drinks

People from all walks of life can get what they need – Fit and Active line, low sodium foods, GMO-free products, and gluten-free lines are available and cheap.

Savings at the register

Right before you check out and while waiting in line you can find some incredibly cheap seasonal offers like cookies or pencils for back-to-school.

Mailing list

You should definitely join their mailing list and get those rare coupons sent to you. You can get $5 off $20 and then you can get a lot for $5 at Aldi!

Aldi Grocery Discount

Follow them on social media

ALDI Social Media

This is one more way to stay in the know about new products and upcoming sales.