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Walmart's Google Home Device Labor Day Discounts

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Walmart usually goes big for Labor Day sales and this year is no exception. The discounts are starting to arrive for Google Home smart home devices.

Walmart Google Wifi 3-PackGoogle home devices are affordable at Walmart

Those devices also saw really great pricing just a month ago, during Amazon Prime Day at Walmart just to compete with Amazon and now they are back to offer great incentives to make your home smarter for less.

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Walmart Google ChromecastGoogle Chromecast from Walmart

All the discounted devices are compatible with Google Assistant digital voice assistant, so no additional systems will be needed.

Walmart Google Home CouponWalmart collaborates with Google and you save

Let’s take a look at those 5 deals and see if something is so appealing that you won’t be able to resist adding it to your home or updating already working devices:

Google Home Mini – $20 Off

Walmart Google Home MiniBest prices on Google Home Mini

This little Andriod powered device is a great first step towards smart home. The speaker will be your keyboard-free access to Google search, it will manage timers and alarms, play music and answer questions to your “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google” voice commands. This speaker is pretty basic and won’t bring you the convenience of smart home by itself, but it’s a great helper to get basic tasks accomplished without a phone or computer involved. It also allows managing all other smart devices with one voice command.

Its regular price is $49, now – $29

Google Home – $50 Off

Walmart Google HomeBest deals on Google devices are always at Walmart

It is very similar to the Mini, but it has better speakers thanks to A 1 x 2-inch high excursion technology. While it’s great for everyday music needs, it doesn’t strive to compete with home stereo systems or bigger and pricier Google Home Max. This little device can be taken from room to room and ensure you always have some music nearby.

Regular price – $129, now – $79

Google Nest Hub – $50 Off

Walmart Google Nest HubWalmart now knows and sells Hey Google stuff

This one is the smallest of all brand’s displays. It has 7-inch diagonal color smart display and offers just enough quality of video to add to Google Home or Mini. It’s great for weather, news reports, music videos, voice calls or one-way video calls. The device doesn’t have camera, but the screen is perfect for displaying pictures from other devices.

Regular price – $149, now – $99

Google Smart Light Starter Kit – $20 Off

Walmart Smart Light Starter KitSmart home is at Walmart now

This is the best and the most affordable way to start making your lamps smart. This kit includes Google Home Mini and a GE C-Life Smart Bulb for just $6 extra than the Mini alone. You can install the bulb in any lamp you want as long as it’s in the same room as the Mini and you will be able to control it with your voice.

Regular price – $55, now – $35

Google Smart TV Kit – $14 Off

Walmart Google Smart TV KitSmart TV from Google at Walmart

This kit consists of Google Home Mini and Google Chromcast. Those both devices will ensure that you won’t have to touch your TV or remote controls any more – your voice will be enough. You will also be able to find and stream whatever content you like and also stream content from your phone right into the TV, and all of that hands-free. It’s hard to believe that little kit like that can eliminate a need for a new smart TV, but yes, it can.

Regular price – $74, now – $60

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All of those little gadgets are there to make your life a bit easier and with Labor Day Walmart discounts there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

Walmart PromotionFor the love of Walmart and savings

By the way, I really love everything Google.

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Fun Fact: The very first Google server is stored at Stanford University. It looks very cool because it is covered with Legos.

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