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Beachly Winter Box 2022 Honest Review

Beachly Box Winter 2022

Living in California has its pros and cons, but for me the best advantage of life in California is the ability to relax on the beach all year round. The only difference is that in winter you will have to add some layers to stay warm on the beach. Luckily, I have subscribed to Beachly and due to it I have new outfits to show off every time I get to the ocean shore.

Winter Beachly Box 2022

Winter Beachly Box 2022 features everything you need to spend the weekend at the beach enjoying spectacular sunsets and feeling the incredible serenity of the picturesque state parks. And even after the rain the beach beacons me to feel the light breeze and get an oxygen booster.

I wish I were a new Beachly customer because this winter Beachly boasts several offers for their subscribers. Use Beachly promo code WINTER20 to save $30 on your first seasonal box. In addition, new subscribers receive $20 Beachly Member Market gift card. Keep in mind that the offer is valid for a limited time only.  

Now let’s open the Winter Beachly Box and discover what hidden gems are waiting to be uncovered.

The Quilted Jacket by Amuse Society ($129)

Quilted Jacket by Amuse Society

To be honest, at first, I was not impressed with this quilted jacket of the subdued pacific blue color. Even thought the fabric is 100% cotton and feels soft, it looks quite humble and not impressive. However, after putting it on I enjoyed wearing this lightweight jacket. It may look quite thick, but it is not, at the same time it is quite warm and protects from the ocean breeze. The jacket comes not with zipper but only with snaps and pockets. There is an adorable palm design on the left part of the upper part, adding beach inspired motif as a feminine element.

The Monstera Sweatshirt in Isla by Post Surf Collective ($60)

The Monstera Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is the biggest hit of the Winter Beachly Box 2022. I got the sweatshirt in beautiful greenish color with white palm motifs. I really like that the sweatshirt is not cropped. It is quite long fully covering the back when seated. It a little bit oversized, but it’s good, I like it that way. The sweatshirt is very soft and I’m going to wear it with my casual outfits not only to the beach. I will look equally great when playing with the kid at the playground or doing my grocery shopping.

The Birds of Paradise Scarf by Block + Ink ($45)

Birds of Paradise Scarf by Block

This lightweight scarf with cute bird design is a nice accessory to wear with the sweatshirt, jacket or sweater. The color matches practically everything and will look great when paired with plain clothing. It also looks nice with the quilted jacket from Winter Beachly Box 2022, but I would rather wear it with some black or brown sweater.

The Monstera Fuzzy Socks by Salt Sisters ($18)

Monstera Fuzzy Socks

The socks are fluffy and so soft that you will enjoy wearing them, guaranteed. Also, they look adorable with cute leaf print that are inevitable associated with palm leaves. A must-have necessity at the beach during the colder months.

The Monstera Fuzzy Socks by Salt Sisters

Hydrating Serum by Sun Bum ($22)

Hydrating Serum by Sun Bum

I love new beauty products and enjoy trying new brands. I have never used Sun Bum cosmetics, but I’m going to try it and test whether it makes any difference to my skin or not. First, lets examine the ingredients.

Hydrating Serum by Sun Bum Ingredients

This hydrating serum is rich in such ingredients as coconut oil, sunflower oil, banana flower extract, niacinamide, brown algae, banana leaf abstract, banana peel extract, coconut fruit extract, sunflower extract and others. The result is amazing: glowering dew-wet skin and brighter complexion. And the skin texture is just amazing.

The Sand-Specked Seashell Tray by Beachly ($25)

Sand-Specked Seashell Tray

Finally, the last item in Winter Beachly 2022 box is a small white tray. It looks exactly like the ocean shell and can be used to place some very small objects. I use it in the bathroom to place my jewelry on it when washing my hands or before going to bed. I never wear my rings at night, so this tray is ideal for keeping jewelry safe and handy at one convenient place.

Sand-Specked Seashell Tray by Beachly

Winter Beachly Box 2022 is sure a bestseller. It comes with everything you need to stay comfortable at the beach in winter and look just fantastic even wearing casual laidback clothing. My only wish is that it’s the right time to add some other color palette, because I already have quite a lot of blue clothing items. I do understand hat beach is associate with blue color, but I have too many of them, from blue joggers and color block windbreaker to throw blankets and towels. I hope to get more bright colors in spring.