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Beachly Men's Box Summer 2022

Beachly Men's Box Summer 2022 Offer

I’ve always been looking forward to the start of the beach season and Beachly subscription boxes make me even more eager to hit the beach with new outfits and accessories delivered right to my doorstep. But today my review is not about women’s box. Men also need to get ready for the beach season. Beachly committed to delivering the best of beach life offers Men’s Surf Subscription Box filled with brand-name beach essentials. Men’s 2022 summer Beachly box comes with quality beach-inspired clothing and accessories featuring laid back seaside styles, tropical prints and vibrant colors. And the best part of it is that this box is available with an additional 20% off if Beachly coupon code is used! The regular price of the box without the discount is $99 + shipping, but the retail value of products delivered is over $200.

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So let’s have a look at the contents of the box. The box is beautiful navy blue color and there are words STAY SALTY, MY FRIENDS on it, which is cute.

Beachly Men's Box Offer

Inside the box is the packaged wrapped in paper and Free Surf magazine with articles devoted to the art of surfing.

Free Surf Magazine

Now it’s time to open the paper wrapping and see what items have been put inside. As a rule Beachly boxes deliver many of your favorite brands as well as send some new and upcoming labels.

Cotton Beach Palm Print Shirt

First, there is this nice cotton beach palm print shirt. I always feel the fabric the first thing as for the high quality apparel having breathing fabric which is nice to touch is a must. I was not disappointed by the quality of this stylish leaf print Block + Ink shirt in size L. And this shirt is 100% handmade.

Beachly Cotton Beach Palm Print Shirt

That’s just amazing but the brand is known for making all their products using organic cotton and organic dyes. It’s unbelievable but today there are artisans who mix turmeric, indigo and some other spices and dyes to get the particular color and handprint using woodblock printing technique. In fact, the only thing that is made by machine in this shirt is the buttons. I know that Beachly box is always a very good deal and this time it was a super great deal. I checked the retail price of a Block + Ink shirt and discovered that it is a whopping $85. I paid $99 for the whole box and received three more products, so it was a really great deal. To tell the truth, I have never bought Block + Ink clothing before so I was glad to discover this brand for me.

Bermudas with Beachly Beauty logo

Well, of course, I was curious to know what clothing item they included in the box to pair this laid back style shirt. That was a pair of navy Bermudas with Beachly Beauty logo on it. The shorts come with the waist string and are rather casual, but they are a perfect match for the palm print shirt. The fabrics is also natural and seems quite durable.

IM Packable Black Camo Bag

The last package was quite small and I was curious to find out what it was. It turned out to be a sports style IM packable black camo bag.

Black Camo Bag

It is a perfect accessory for a beach lover and an avid surfer. This lightweight bag is a must have for those who head for the beach or the gym.

Beachly Black Camo Bag

It is ideal size for a beach towel and a pair of spare shorts, a bottle of water and whatever you need with you on the beach

Black Coral Tide Cologne

Finally there was handmade solid cologne in the box as an indispensible beach accessory. Black Coral Tide cologne from Broken Top boasts a subtle marine fragrance with distinctive amber and musk tones in its base. Ingredients include organic beeswax, jojoba oil and a mixture of fragrance oils.

Beachly Mens Box 2022 Deals

In conclusion I must say that men’s 2022 summer Beachly box is just awesome in terms of quality of the products offered and the price which is hard to beat. You can get Beachly boxes quarterly for less (only $89 per box) if you pay annually. Each box comes with premium quality products for at least 50% off the retail prices. You can become the Beachly member to access even more savings!