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Beachly Beauty Box - The Vacation Must Have

Beachly Beauty Box April 2022

Every spring when the nature revives women start getting ready for the beach season. It is the right time to try a new skincare routine and pamper your skin and body with new treatments. Last week my friend presented me this awesome Beachly Beauty Box I immediately fell in love with. It contains 4 beauty products which are must-haves for every woman during the summer season. So let’s have a closer look at the spring box.

This summer-inspired beauty kit features skin elixir, hair shimmer spray, rose lip polish and hydrating face mist worth over $100, but if you subscribe to the Beachly Beauty Box you will get it at the special price. My friend used Beachly Beauty coupon code to save an extra $40 off on her subscription to reduce the cost even more.

Beachly Beauty Box April 2022 Deals

The first thing I did on opening the box was checking the list of ingredients carefully. I try to use natural products that work and take the safety of the ingredients seriously. This time I was pleasantly surprised. The company claims to offer cruelty-free and clean beauty products and the ingredients prove this.

I’ve used these products for a week so far and here is my unbiased opinion about each of them.

Buzios Dewy Skin Brazilian Beauty Elixir

Let’s begin with the most expensive item in the box – Buzios Dewy Skin Brazilian Beauty Elixir ($68). It provides a lasting hydration, and at the same time brightens and tones your skin. After the first use of elixir at night I woke up with a fresh complexion and was really impressed. I applied this elixir right after my cleanser skipping toner and without applying serums on top of that. I’ve been using it for about a week now and I can say that the effect is stunning. Just one bottle gives me the result I used to achieve with 5 products. My skin is dewy, radiant and plump, the pores have become smaller and I’m happy with the results.

Brazilian Beauty Elixir Ingredients

The list of natural ingredients is really impressing: Theobroma grandiflorum seed butter, a mix of seed oils, such as jojoba, coconut, resin, hemp, Brazil nut, carrot, pumpkin seed oils, Guarana seed extract and more. Yes, this product is not cheap, but if I don’t need to use a toner, mask and serum it is cost effective! I apply the elixir in the morning to get glowing skin and it works perfect as a primer. In the evening I apply 4 drops onto my skin and gently massage. The elixir absorbs quickly without leaving my skin greasy. It has a nice subtle smell which is not irritating. It is definitely my favorite now.

Vacation Super Spritzer Hydrating Face Mist

Another skincare product in the box that I can’t stop praising is Vacation Super Spritzer Hydrating Face Mist ($12). It’s great to spray it during the day for extra refreshment and hydration. Coconut water has excellent hydrating properties while cucumber, aloe vera and chamomile calm the skin. It is an indispensible product for a hot day on the beach or in the stuffy city.

Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

The next item in the box I want to review is Sea Salt Shimmer Spray ($28). To tell the truth I’ve never used shimmer hair sprays before and was rather leery about it. But, to my surprise, this thing not only sprinkled my hair with subtle gold flecks but also made it shiny and less frizzy. I prefer to apply it on the damp hair and then style it to create gentle waves. The spray has a nice rose scent and a little bit of it goes a long way.

Rose Lip Polish

Personally I can’t live without a lip scrub and a balm. So I was happy to find this rose geranium and mint-infused sugar lip scrub inside the box.

Rose Lip Polish ingredients

I use Rose Lip Polish ($20) twice a week and my lips stay smooth and hydrating due to Shea and cocoa butters. Plus I noticed a mild lip plumping effect, so I will definitely continue using it.

Raw African Shea Butter

After using the lip scrub I always apply a balm for an enhanced effect. Raw African Shea Butter (not included in the kit) gives me the right degree of hydration and nourishment. Moreover, I use it for my face and body as it helps reduce wrinkles, stretch marks and skin discoloration. It even helps relieve pain from swelling and arthritis.