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Think Outside - Water Box Review

Think Outside Water Box Offers

I have been ordering my husband and sons some outdoor gear and manly subscription boxes: BattlBox for all of them, FabFitFun for Him for my husband, and Think Outside for kids. All the boxes are convenient and full of stuff that we simply don’t shop for, but enjoy having.

Think Outside Water Box Promo

Every time a box like this arrives, kids want to drag their daddy to test new things outside, grill together, and plan new adventures. It creates strong bonds, facilitates love for nature, and encourages boys to explore, so I see only positivity all around.

Think Outside Water Box

Some boxes also carry a message. Such is the case with Think Outside subscription. This month it’s all about water. Kids can read about how important water is to our lives and our planet, where can you find water, and how to safely use it. Kids are discouraged from drinking dirty water from unknown wells and are educated about safe ways to access drinking water. I hope it stays with them and encourages them to explore further.

Think Outside Water Box Deals

Besides water, Think Outside program covers many subjects that are part of surrounding world, survival, and nature. Think nutrition, night, fire, wildlife, repair, first aid, weather, navigation, and even knot making. It’s like getting a box with a little bit of Girl and Boy Scout info included. Products in each shipment follow seasonal patterns too.

Think Outside Water Box Gear

Shipping is free for all the boxes and you are free to pick a pricing plan that works for you. You can sign up for a monthly plan for $39.95/month. This program ends at the end of the year, but you can also cancel it at any time before. Quarterly program offers $3/month discount and yearly subscription will give you $6/month off all the boxes.

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Think Outside Tips

This Think Outside box is our second and kids enjoyed it just as much as the first intro box, even though this was a bit smaller. Let’s take a look inside:

Fishing Kit

Think Outside Fishing Kit

It looks like a cool little plastic water bottle, but it’s actually a case with everything you need to make a primitive fishing pole. It comes with a line, hooks, and sinker. All you need is a stick and you will survive anywhere where you can find some water source. The kit also has extra carabiner and cord, not to mention a water protected storage case. My younger son loves fishing, so he absolutely enjoyed this!

Resource Cards

Think Outside Resource Cards

Laminated cards come wrapped in plastic and ready to teach some serious tips. Everything on them is water related and can be used to expand your child’s knowledge about water in life and in science.

5L Dry Bag

Think Outside Dry Bag

This bag is perfect to take along on hikes and to camping trips. It keeps 5 liters of stuff dry in any conditions. It’s super light and has s trap for carrying comfortably on kids’ shoulders. All you have to do to use it is roll the neck at least three times and it’s ready.

Waterproof pouch

Think Outside Waterproof Pouch

The final piece for water-safe adventures is this pouch. It’s big enough to fit a phone, a wallet, and more. You can even use your cell phone while it’s securely zipped up inside. The case itself attaches to pants or backpack for safekeeping. Cool, isn’t it?

Think Outside and Gentleman’s Box

Finally, this month Think Outside is partnering with Gentleman’s Box “Outdoorsman Edition” and is offering $40 off first box with code GBxTOB. Such box is a great addition for dads and men in kids’ life, who want to be stylish, look good, feel good, and be good.

Think Outside and Gentleman’s Box Promo

I think that this box is a bit on an expensive side at over $30 for 4 items, but you pay for convenience and for ideas, and those are definitely priceless, so we will continue to subscribe and to build outdoor confidence in our kids.