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Battlbox Mission 66 Breakdown

Mission 66 Breakdown from Battlbox

This month marked a second Battlbox for my husband and he was pretty happy for the adventure to continue. My sons were just as happy too, so I guess one box can keep 3 boys satisfied. When it comes to me alone, I need about three such boxes to be this happy!

Battlbox Mission 66 Breakdown

Battlbox is the ultimate man’s box. It caters to men who are classy, burly, and have enough good things in life to look for an adventure and to test gadgets that they haven’t seen before. We chose Pro plan for $109.99 per month simply because we consider ourselves seasoned campers and outdoor family, so we do need fancy supplies.

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Battlbox Mission 66 box

Last month saw us enjoying the first shipment of gear, so by this month my boys were really looking forward to what’s going to come. And after opening they were definitely not disappointed. They even started a special bin for all the cool items they will be getting from Battbox in the future.

Battlbox Boxes

I always enjoy seeing them excited, which is what this box is all about. Sure you can go to a store and buy similar things, but how nice it is to not only save money on this bundle, but to get gear that is picked and tested by survival and preparation experts. And all of that without even a shopping trip.

Battlbox Mission 66

August is one of the hottest months in a year and this box is not promising to cool you off, but it includes tools and devices that are designed to keep you safe and confident in any wild situation, and if that’s not cool and sexy, then I don’t know what is!

Let’s take a look at this Mission 66 Breakdown box contents:

Colby Valve – $18.99

Being ready to survive under any circumstances should include your car as well. It’s great to have your car optimized for all the simple camping trips too. This valve is ready to protect your car tires for all those times when you will have to go off-road, be it a fishing trip or escape from zombies. These valves install from the outside of your tire and stay there.

Lord & Field Bushcraft Spice Wallet – $29.99

Battlbox Lord & Field Bushcraft Spice Wallet

Forget looking for salt and pepper when you need it most. With this convenient spice storage you will have those two and more with you at all times.

Lord & Field Bushcraft Spice Wallet

Trust the experts, eating tasteless meal is not very nice, especially of you have to do it for days at a time.

Simple Strap – $15.97

Battlbox Simple Strap

Unlike Ratchet straps, this strap is very easy to deal with. It works by friction, so no fancy knots are needed. You can use it for tying just about anything anywhere – lumber, camping supplies, kayaks, pipes, fencing supplies, and more. All you have to do is cut off whatever length you need, wrap it around itself, and strap your item.

Southern Survival Fire Starter – $2.99

This might be small and cheap, but who would think about getting something like it on their own? The device is pretty much a mini ferro rod and stiker, but has enough power to surprise you. It’s small enough to fit anywhere and not take up space.

Tactica M250 – $49.95

Battlbox Tactica M250 Device

This little device ensures that you have many tools in your hands all at once. It contains hardened stainless steel screwdriver bits. My boys would know more, but for me it’s enough that this little tool is very universal and can transform into many different screwdrivers. It comes with a belt clip and has earth magnet to make sure you don’t lose all those bits.

Nature Power 8W Semi-Flex Solar Charger – $64.99

Battlbox Solar Charger

This one is hard for me to understand, but it’s pretty much a small bendable solar panel that can charge and recharge 12V batteries. It is very convenient for camping, boating, various emergencies, and RV-ing. It’s very thin, but hard enough to walk on. It is water and weather proof. There is no controller and it can be used right from the start as long as it gets some sun.

In total, this box brought supplies for $182.88, which is sufficiently more than $109.99 box’s cost. And what’s more important for us – it eliminates the need to look for such items ourselves!