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Think Outside Box Review

Think Outside Box

Thinking outside the box is what we should always do, especially when we are young and impressionable. Think Outside Box is just a word play, but the idea is kind of similar – let the kids play outside and away from their boxes, aka, screens. So whether you get them just to play outside or think outside the box, the result is fabulous either way.

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Kids this summer are really feeling how unfair life can be, thanks to coronavirus. Many of them have vacations cancelled, camps not taking place at all or happening with social distancing and masks all day, and sports suspended or starting and ending right away due to COVID-19 cases and exposure. Needless to say, kids are bored and restless. And mine are sometimes no exception.

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This is why, despite the debilitating heat, I was looking for something to encourage them to get outside looking for adventures. Think Outside is just the thing – this subscription service sends items that are not only useful supplies, but also can help spike curiosity in kids. Sometimes a new backpack or a new rope is all kids need to get encouraged to get out and explore.

Think Outside Box Gear

Think Outside is a rather simple concept. They send you a few items, starting with a very nice backpack, each month and follow different themes that all will take kids outside. Various games and family challenges are also included, so you always have something to do.

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The box differs every month and follows such themes as navigation, shelter building, star gazing, or looking for treasures. Kids will find information about global issues, national parks, and even empathy section, and who doesn’t need empathy these days?

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These are all the themes that you can expect to get in a year:

  • Nutrition
  • Nature
  • Night
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wildlife
  • Repair
  • Knot
  • Shelter
  • First Aid
  • Weather
  • Navigation

There are three types of subscription that you can choose from and save money along the way:

  • Monthly – $39.95/month
  • Quarterly – $36.95/month
  • Yearly – $33.95/month

I really like that subscription can be cancelled any time and nobody will make you bad about doing that. I gave it a try and judging by my little boy’s face upon seeing his new backpack, we will continue!

This is what we received in our first box:

  • A very nicely packed blue backpack – super light, weatherproof, and quite large when unfolded. It takes no space at all when empty, but can fit everything my son needs on his outdoor adventures when filled up with essential gear.

Think Outside Backpack

  • Geocaching card – 4 steps, including an app, for finding geocaches hidden in your area. This game can take hours and lead kids on long hikes and walks. Adult supervision and phones will be needed, but show me a family that couldn’t benefit from that!

Think Outside Geocaching Card

  • 24-page booklet about the backpack, what to pack in it, and plenty of activities. We found an emergency contact card right next to backpack description and filled it out. Next page has very useful information about what to pack on a light hiking or camping trip. The booklet also had a tutorial how to make a raft in case you get separated by a creek and a survival supplies family challenge, which we enjoyed.

Think Outside booklet about the backpack

  • Metal ring for carrying all future resource cards.
  • Paracord and carabiner – they will be used all the time together with future boxes and activities.

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My 5 year old was so excited about this beginning of all kinds of adventures that he became an avid outdoorsman right away. He takes his new backpack everywhere he goes, like his summer camp, and looks for interesting things everywhere. Today, for example, he spotted a huge spider in his web. We had to stop and spend a few minutes observing the creature. Before this box he would’ve not paid any attention to it whatsoever. I welcome this change wholeheartedly, especially when it’s just over $30!