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FabFitFun for Him Fall 2020

FabFitFun for Him Fall 2020

FabFitFun was my first subscription box and is my biggest love to this day. I tried many beauty boxes since and always return to FabFitFun. When I love something so much, I always want to share it. Thankfully, with FabFItFun I can, because they have a line for men, so my older son and husband can be treated too.

FabFitFun for Him Fall 2020 Box

They both are hard to shop for and claim to have everything they need, so FabFitFun for Him is my lifesaver when I need a gift for one of them. My husband got a box for Father’s Day and my son received one for his last birthday. I love giving it to them because instead of one item, they get to open and enjoy 8. And 8 is always better than 1!

FabFitFun fall offers for Him

Just like FabFitFun for women, the box for men comes seasonally and costs $49.99 with value close to $300. You can order it box by box or sign up for a yearly delivery and save around $20, which is totally worth it.

See FabFitFun Discounts:

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FabFitFun for Him Fall Deals

While none of my boys are celebrating anything this fall, the new box came and they enjoyed opening it just as much. Most products this time were grooming and skin care related, as always. Some, like a flask and a watch, were unexpected. Sure, the watch is no Rolex, but my son is 16 and can use any watch he gets, even it’s for a few days or weeks only. Since our family doesn’t drink alcohol, the flask will have to be re-gifted, and that’s totally fine – I love having something to take with me when we are invited to somebody’s house or a party and avoid last minute gift shopping.

FabFitFun for Him Fall Box

This is what made my men happy this time:

First, the special deals! OK, so it made me happier way more than them, but it’s still worth mentioning.

FabFitFun for Him Hello Fresh Coupon

There was a coupon for 10 free meals with purchase from HelloFresh.

FabFitFun for Him hello Fresh Coupon

Yes, I absolutely plan on using it when grocery shopping just doesn’t feel right, but when fresh home meal is still needed.

The Vintage Gentlemen Stainless Steel Flask – $29

Gentlemen Stainless Steel Flask

This good looking vegan leather didn’t exactly excite my boys too much, because as I mentioned above, we don’t care for spirits in this family. The flask looks good even though it’s not too expensive. It will make a great gift one day and save me a shopping trip, so I am happy.

ZIHR Shave Cream – $15

ZIHR Shave Cream

My teenage son is just getting into this whole shaving business and is having fun experimenting with various products. We always prefer organic and natural skin care, but this one smells so good, that he is giving it a try. It doesn’t foam and really protects his young skin from burns.

Percy Nobleman Caffeinated Shampoo and Body Wash – $18

Percy Nobleman Caffeinated Shampoo and Body Wash

This product might not be 100% organic, but it is made with natural surfactants from coconut and is very gentle on natural pH oil balance. It can be used on hair and body all at the same time, and what man doesn’t love this kind of convenience?

Marrakesh Men’s Imperial Beard Oil – $22

Marrakesh Men’s Imperial Beard Oil

This one is being enjoyed by my husband. He is not a big beard guy, but it can be used on a few days’ stubble. It is made with hemp seed and argan oils, leaving the hair and the skin soft and moisturized. I enjoy how it smells.

Salt + Stone Lip Balm Set of 3 – $15

Salt + Stone Lip Balm

Lip balms are not just for women. Men get dry and chapped lips too, especially my boys who enjoy long walks in the wilderness and on the beach. This set supplies enough balms for everything – one for the car, one for the backpack, and the last one for the house. Organic beeswax makes hubby’s lips soft and kissable.

Maestro Watches The Classico – $165

FabFitFun Maestro Watches

This is serious enough watch to start my son’s collection. It has high caliber three hand mechanism and is very precise. It comes with crocodile pattern band and makes my son very stylish indeed.

BENNKAI Silicone Cubed Ice Tray – $15

This tray makes ice cubes that are larger than average. They will chill your drink faster and will keep it cold longer without diluting the contents with water very fast. This is in our freezer now waiting for a hot day to be enjoyed.

GUSTUS VITAE Grill & BBQ Lover Set of 2 Seasonings – $24

FabFitFun GUSTUS VITAE Seasonings

My husband loves grilling, but I am the one preparing and seasoning the meats for him. With this little set he might give it a try himself to finally be called the true master of the grill.

The total price tag for all the products comes to $303 and we’ll take anytime for just $49.99!