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BattlBox Mission Brief: 67

Battlbox Mission Brief 67

BattlBox delivery is always exciting for my husband and boys. They are bonding over building a supply of survival items and things we can take to hiking and camping trips.

BattlBox Mission Brief: 67 Offers

Each box brings new crop of amazing tools and products to test and to think of new and exciting adventures they can be used during.

BattlBox Mission 67

I love watching their planning and their expanding collection, because what can be better than father and sons’ desire to spend time together in the wilderness making awesome memories?

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I enjoy the simplicity and convenience of receiving all those items in a box right to our door, because none of us are an expert in such things, so shopping on our own would be tedious and full of doubts process.

BattlBox Mission Brief: 67 Discount

Now we have experts in the field test and curate a box without having to think about anything ourselves.

BattlBox Mission Brief: 67 Box Discount

This is what got us exited this time:

Battltac Concealment Holster – $24. 95

Battltac Concealment Holster

This tool is useful for those who have firearms at home or work for safety. Just having it locked up somewhere will do no good when robbers start breaking in. With this holder you can have your gun close by just about anywhere – under the desk, chair, behind nightstand, headboard, and anywhere you see fit. Make sure the gun is on safety though if you have kids around. The holster can also serve for storing knives, credit cards, cash, and even cell phones when you need your kids to take a break from them.

Grenade Soap Co. Maverix Soap – $8.99

Grenade Soap Co. Maverix Soap

This manly soap comes with a drilled hole and 550 paracord for hanging it when taking it with you. This is super convenient for camping showers when good hygiene is of utmost importance. When the soap is gone, you can reuse the paracord for keys or for garage organization. It smells like “pure rawhide on a clear day”, which doesn’t sound that appealing, but it’s actually very sexy.

Grenade Soap Co. Microfiber Travel/Camping Towel with Storage Bag – $24.95

Grenade Soap Co. Towel with Storage Bag

When you have soap for traveling, you need a traveling towel and a bag – no way around it. BattlBox recognizes that and provides it right away. It’s large, soft, dries fast, and has a snap loop attached for hanging. It’s very compact and can fold into the size of a water bottle, but will absorb 5 times its weight in water. It comes with a mesh bag that can be used for take along toiletries on camping, hunting, or beach trips.

Southern Survival Glow-in-the-dark Reflective 550 Paracord – $24.95

Southern Survival Paracord

Everybody needs paracord, even at home. It has literally thousands of uses and can be great for making guy lines, bows, hanging stuff, tying things, building shelter, for traps, for making fish lures, and much more. In addition to all its uses, this one glows in the dark and has reflective strands, so you will always see it.

Biofilm Defender H2O – $48.95

Biofilm Defender

This kit includes Copper and Silver for long term water treatment and storage. Those two elements not only purify river and lake water, but will keep it bacteria-free much better than standard chlorine tablets. You can store up to 330 gallons with just 2 ounce bottle of Biofilm Defender solution.

Pure Pollination Heirloom Vegetable Seed Variety Pack – $26.99

Pure Pollination Heirloom Vegetable Kit

This is pretty self-explanatory. You need heirloom seeds to start a garden and insure that seeds from those fruit could reproduce. In case of apocalypse this might be the most vital thing for your long-term survival. Seeds in this pack include cool and warm season food staples that with a little effort can be grown by virtually everybody. 40 different seeds are included.

Solo Stove Lite – $89.99

Solo Stove Lite

Finally there is a small stove for backpacking, which doesn’t require fuel. It uses little branches and twigs for fire. So you won’t have to depend on gas and instead will use natural food and clean up the forest as a result.

BattlBox Solo Stoves

The stove has air intake holes on the bottom, which directs oxygen towards the heat source and makes fire hot with little smoke. It is super lightweight and perfect for all your cooking needs outdoors.

The total value of this box is $249.77 and we can totally see it without a doubt!