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Entrance To LEGOLAND Florida

LEGOLAND Orlando is so fun and also so vast that it’s very easy to waste time and money if you don’t do some serious planning ahead of time. We are here to help you do just that.


Dino Made Of Legos At LEGOLAND FloridaGreen dragon at LEGOLAND Florida Park


Should you stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel or Resort?

Staying on the property has many perks and saves time when you don’t have to drive anywhere in the morning. Kids will love the total experience and the extended hours. The entire floors at the LEGOLAND Hotel are themed and that theme transfers into the rooms. For example, you can stay in a pirate ship furnished rooms, Adventure Island, or Magic Kingdom themed accommodations.


Excalibur Hotel & Casino Made Of Legos At LEGOLAND FloridaLas Vegas Miniland – small copy of Excalibur Hotel & Casino


All hotel and resort guests can enter the park earlier in the morning and get a head start at all the fun. LEGOLAND resort guests can have access to LEGOLAND Waterpark, which is separate from the LEGOLAND. This park requires a separate ticket, but it’s well worth it. You will find 2 big slides, a few smaller ones, a lazy river, a wake pool, and a play structure with water splashing. Parents will enjoy plenty of lounges as their kids have fun in the sun.


New York City Mini-Land At LEGOLAND FloridaNYC Miniland – small copy of Times Square


How to save money on LEGOLAND Tickets?

LEGOLAND Florida Sign BoardThe entire to LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park


All theme parks are pricey to visit, and LEGOLAND Orlando is no exception. It can easily cost $350 for a family of four to spend one day there. Naturally, everybody wants to know some savings tips:

  • Buy tickets in advance online
  • Look for discounted tickets from Visit Orlando’s Magic Card, MouseSavers, and Costco travel
  • There are military discounts to be had
  • You can sometimes find free tickets on the back of LEGO packages
  • Homeschool days are cheaper for visits, so avoid weekends and school breaks if you can
  • Save $2 by purchasing parking ticket online
  • There are great dining options at the park, but to save money pack your own food and bring it with you
  • Eat outside the park for better prices
  • Come prepared with towels, ponchos, and a change of clothing in case you get wet
  • Don’t buy gifts at the park store
  • Bring LEGO figures to trade with staff


Groupon Gift CardGroupon gift card


LEGOLAND Florida Coupons:

  • Extra 10% OFF Tickets
  • 16% OFF Two-Day Ticket


How to avoid big lines?

Lego Creations At LEGOLAND FloridaLEGOLAND rainbow


Trust us, you don’t want to save all the money you can, but spend your time standing in various lines just to get to the rides. Here’s how to avoid them and have a great experience:

  • Come at least half an hour before the park opens to be ready and at the entrance with sunscreen leathered already
  • Start at the back of the park and work your way to the front to be moving against the traffic.
  • Stay at the park hotel or resort and get in early to beat the crowds
  • As soon as you enter the park register for Mindstorm robotic challenge to get  a spot


Mini-Land USA At LEGOLAND FloridaMinilands USA at LEGOLAND Florida


  • Register for Ford Driving School with young kids
  • Take big kids to the most famous rollercoasters first thing in the morning
  • Ride Flight School roller coaster, it tends to be less busy
  • If you encounter long lines at some rides, come back at the end of the day
  • Visit Build and Test in the Imagination Zone in the morning or after 3 pm for play time with Legos
  • Water, Wheels, and Flight Zones attract big kids who want to build sea creatures, things on wheels, and flying machines.


Life-Size Lego Model From A Computer Game At LEGOLAND FloridaLife-size statue from the PC game 'Neighbor' at LEGOLAND Florida


What other tips are there for the best time at LEGOLAND Orlando?

Life-Size Lego Gnomes At LEGOLAND FloridaBoat trip at LEGOLAND Florida


  • When you get close to the Aqua Wave Racers and Quest for CHI keep an eye on each other and expect to get wet
  • Bring a poncho when riding a Quest for CHI because between waterfall and manned cannons some water will definitely hit you
  • Don’t miss the Battle for Brickbeard’s Bounty Water Ski Show, come early and try to get a spot on the left side of the pirate ship
  • Definitely get some Apple Fries and enjoy this decadent dessert
  • If you choose to eat at the park, there are some healthier options, just look for them
  • Don’t forget to bring some standard LEGO figures and trade them with staff members during your visit
  • If you buy something at the park, you can send the package to the front and get it on the way out
  • If you are staying in Orlando, you can take a shuttle and not have to pay for your car’s parking


Pirates' Cove At LEGOLAND FlorifaPirate fort at LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park


What is the best age to visit LEGOLAND Orlando?

Life-Size Lego Models At LEGOLAND FloridaModels of LEGOLAND tourists


The park might be geared towards 12 and under, but younger kids or teenagers can have fun too. Here is why:

  • They love the roller coasters
  • Kids of all ages enjoy Mindstorm Robotics programming class
  • Little kids adore mini-land

Lego City At LEGOLAND FloridaLEGOWOOD constructions


  • Duplo LEGO area is great for toddlers


Duplo Valley At LEGOLAND FloridaThe entry to Duplo Valley at LEGOLAND Florida Park


  • Teens love castles and Mini-land


Las Vegas Mini-Land at LEGOLAND FloridaLas Vegas Miniland – small copy of The Venetian Resort Las Vegas


  • LEGOLAND brings all favorite characters beloved by all ages (Lego Friends, Lego Kingdoms, Chima, and the Lego Ninjago World)
  • There are 4 rides to enjoy: Coastersaurus, The Dragon, Project X, and Flying School
  • Smaller kids love the Island in the Sky, The Grand Carousel, The Lost Kingdom Adventure, Ford Driving School, Mia's Riding Adventure, and the Quest for CHI

Duplo Animals At LEGOLAND FloridaDuplo Farm


  • Everybody is always excited about character meet and greet


Life-Size Lego Man At LEGOLAND FloridaLEGO shop at LEGOLAND Florida Park


  • The park is full of dinosaurs, dragons, characters, historic figures, and cars all built from Legos


Dinosaur Made Of Legos at LEGOLAND FloridaRed dragon that spews water at LEGOLAND Florida Park


  • To maintain the legacy of the oldest Cypress Gardens Park, where today’s LEGOLAND is located, the park still has a botanical garden with cypress and banyan trees


Rhino Made Of Legos At LEGOLAND FloridaRhino model at LEGOLAND Florida Park


How long should you stay at the park?

We would say 1 day, 2 maximum. If you will go for more than that you might be pulling your hair out. If you stay a bit longer, you can also enjoy world famous golf courses around Orlando and some largemouth bass fishing. Orlando is also known for Disneyland and Universal Studios, so you will never be bored here. In conclusion, LEGOLAND Orlando is great for your family if you have kids between 2 and 8, 12 is pushing it, if you are vacationing nearby, if your kids are big Lego fans, and if you are not looking for a big thrill rides.


U.S. Capitol Made Of Legos At LEGOLAND FloridaWashington DC Miniland – small copy of U.S. Capitol