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The Best Lego Sets of 2019 for Christmas

Christmas Lego Sets

When it comes to gift giving, few things beat LEGO sets, be it for adults or kids. Putting an elaborate Lego creation together is great for mind and soul, and this is why Lego is now considered a mindfulness activity, helping kids and adults stay calm.

Lego Christmas Gifts

We have a list of the most desired Lego sets this year, from simple ones for the youngest lovers to the most complex Technic for teenagers and adults. There are also sets from the hottest movies, robots, architecture, theme parks, and even NASA, so let’s take a look at some of them just in time for Christmas:

Lego Ford Mustang – 10256 – $149.99

Lego Ford Mustang

This classic car from 1960’s is getting immortalized one more time, through Lego bricks. It is made of 1,471 pieces and is highly customizable. The cool vehicles has the smallest of details taken care of – the front grill complete with the horse, barred rear lights, fancy interior, opening trunk, and even a realistic engine. You can have it in original form or make it supercharged, with duck-tail spoiler.

Lego Friends Central Perk – $69.99

With Friends’ reboot buzz going around, there is no surprise that now we have the recreation of famous café from the show, down to the smallest detail – wall hangings, the menu, muffin display, carpet, and more. This is the ultimate gift for every obsessed Friends fan. The set even has supporting pillars and studio lights to make it completely movie-like atmosphere. Finally, you will get all 6 friends with their distinct style and hair dos.

Best Lego Sets of 2019 for Christmas

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Lego NASA Apollo Saturn V – 21309 – $166.29

Lego Creator Sets

This creation is built-to-scale, so all bricks are tiny, one stud in width and about a centimeter tall. The entire construction is 1 meter tall and is way higher than its inhabitants, just as you would expect from a rocket that goes to the moon and back. Just like the real think, it breaks apart in 3 stages, and carries a small Lunar Module right behind the nose cone. For the journey back, you have a small command module floating in the Lego Sea, waiting for the rocket to come back.

Lego Harry Porter Hogwarts Great Hall – $99.95

Lego Harry Porter Hogwarts Great Hall

This castle with Great Hall looks like it came right from the movie and landed into your living room. Putting it together is a complex work and will keep Harry Porter fans busy for hours. It comes with figures of all main characters, a potion room and moving staircase in addition to Great Hall. This castle is great for collecting!

Lego Sets 2019 for Christmas

Lego Start Wars Imperial Star Destroyer – $699.99

Lego Start Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

This set is not for the faint of heart, contains close to 5,000 parts and is the longest Lego set ever at 1.1 meter. it looks as impressive as the real thing looked on screen. Besides regular studs, you will find laser cannons, engines, and a lower bay with TIE Fighter inside. It even has a small Tantive IV ship that can be overshadowed as it did in the first film. The ship has a skeleton for standing on and holding everything together. This creation is definitely awe inspiring and very much not cheap.

Lego James Bond Aston Martin DB5 – $149.99

Here is another one for Lego vehicle collectors. The car is amazing on its own, but here you will be able to add James Bond worthy gadgets, such as rotating license plate, bullet-proof screen, front machine guns, tire bursting blades, and ejecting seats. The detailed engine can be found under the bonnet of this 24 cm long beauty.

Lego Speed Champions Sets

Lego Architecture London Skyline – 21034 – $31.99

This set comes from a collection of the most famous city skylines in the world and doesn’t disappoint. It has Nelson’s Column, the London Eye, the National Gallery, Big Ben, and of course, the Tower Bridge. It fits perfectly with San Francisco and New York City skylines. A new collection, perhaps?

Lego Creator Pirate Rollercoaster – 31084 – $105.82

Imagine combining Lego, pirates, and rollercoasters in one amazing activity and tell if anything can be better than that! The set is not overly complicated, but very fun to build. It includes fun pirate-like decorations and can be rebuilt in two other ways with functioning tracks.

Lego Christmas Deals

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox – 1594

This educational set contains five different models and every one of them is programmable. There is also an app for coding introduction and for controlling the robots. These are the 5 models included:

  • Vernie the Robot
  • The M.T.R.4 or Multi-tool Rover 4
  • The Guitar 4000
  • Frankie the Cat
  • The AutoBuilder operating a line that builds mini Lego models

Lego Christmas Offers

Lego Creators Mighty Dinosaurs – $11.99

This 3-in-1 set is one of the most popular because of the price and the amount of activity ratio. Your Lego aficionados can create a T. Rex, a Triceratops, and a Pterodactyl, each taking quite a bit of time to stay occupied with.

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Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator – 42055 – $479.94

This almost 4,000 pieces creation is the biggest and the most complex to date. A gift like this is definitely going to impress – 28-inch when finished, motorized bucket wheel and conveyer belt, working joystick and tracks! It is a doozy to build, but completely amazing. And then if you’re ready to disassemble it, you will be able to build a processing plant that is even larger.

Lego Dinosaurs

Lego Microscale Lego Brand Store – $49.99

It’s a little Lego store made of Lego with little fun details and not overly complicated directions. There is a storefront and an inside with tiny details serving as Lego sets for sale. At just 362 pieces is a leisury activity for every Lego lover.

Lego Movie Sets

Lego Creator Volkswagen Beetle – $99.99

Another vehicle for classic car collection – it has fine details and beach gear, little engine and a spare tire in the front. The seats can be folded and license plates can be changed a few times. Finally there is a surfboard and a cooler box for stacking on top.

Lego Harley Davidson Cycles

Lego City Fire Station – $80.99

This set has 3 vehicles, 3 buildings, and a whole lot of building from almost 1,000 pieces. Every child should have this Lego staple and enjoy creating the entire compound comprised of a helicopter, a fire engine, a fast-response car with their garages and a 3-story station where minifigs live and sleep on bunk beds before sliding down the pole or eating a hotdog from the included stand.

Lego Sets of 2019

Lego Star Wars Luke’s  Land Speeder – $32.89

This great looking little machine features equally good looking price and thus can be loved by everybody. It includes Luke, Old Ben Kenobi, Tusken Raider, and a few lightsabers for some majestic fights.

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