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Guide to SeaWorld San Diego Savings and Activities. What's New in 2019

Shamu Show San Diego

Summer is in full swing and there is no better place on earth than SeaWorld San Diego to stay cool and learn something new for the entire family. Visitors and locals enjoy endless marine life expositions, rides, and shows at this theme park and can spend the whole day without ever feeling bored. In all this abundance of activities there might be just two problems – how to make sure you don’t miss something important and how do you save while having fun?

SeaWorld Bat RayYou can feed animals, but for you need specialized food

Let’s explore them both:

What are the absolutely must-do activities at SeaWorld San Diego?

Explorer’s Reef

Explorer's Reef at Seaworld San DiegoSeaWorld park walk begins from Explorer’s Reef

This area invites you to gently touch many sea creatures, such as horseshoe crab, fish, small sharks, and rays. You will feel like you are under the sea with calm atmosphere and four different touch pools. Staff members will be able to answer all your questions and tell you some interesting facts about the marine animals you see there.

Sea Lions Live

SeaWorld Sea Lions ShowSea Lions Live show

Two adorable sea lions Clyde and Seamore are starring in this comedy show beloved by all visitors. The two stars and their trainers spoof popular TV shows and songs and interact with a cute little river otter. Sea lions do tricks and mesmerize the audience for 20 minutes. As with all shows, try to get in a little earlier to get good seats.


The Skytower is the oldest attraction in the park and the most popular, towering at 320-feet. The entire ride to the top and back is slow and comfortable, with a 6-minute long narrative, and amazing views of Mission Bay and city skyline. The best time to enjoy this ride is at noon and later, when the morning fog lifts.

Penguin Encounter

Penguin Shop SeaWorldDon’t forget to go to the penguin pavilion

Penguins have a whole separate building dedicated just for them. It’s about 300 individuals representing a few different species. The fun creatures frolic, roll around, and play. There are a few presentations throughout the day, so make sure you know their times and come to learn more about these highly intelligent birds. If you really want to meet one up close, you can call in advance and book a Penguins Up-Close Tour.

Journey to Atlantis

This ride is not for the faint of heart, but incredibly fun for the whole family. It takes you through slow rivers, high towers, and fast drops through an ancient Atlantean experience that you will never forget. Music is amazing and drops are fast with 45 miles per hour splashes.

Manta Ride

This ride is exciting enough for teens, but at the same time not too scary for your little ones. You will ride in this manta-shaped car with ultimate swishes, swoops, twists, and turns at about 43 miles per hour.

Kids Attraction at SeaWorld San DiegoAttraction for the smallest at SeaWorld San Diego

Ocean Explorer

This newest addition to the park features aquariums and 5 new rides for kids. In this 3-acre wide area you will see octopus, jellyfish, and much more.

There are some amazing animal interaction programs for extra cost:

  • The Beluga Interaction Program – get into a wet suite and talk to the graceful white Beluga whale together with a trainer and a few other guests.
  • The Dolphin Interaction Program – your kids can meet a dolphin face to face for an hour with this booking. They will be in the water next to him feeding and touching the animal, and will never forget that experience.

Dolphin Point Seaworld San DiegoDolphins will give you positive emotions and joy

Some useful advice:

Bat Ray Feeding SeaWorld San DiegoBat ray feeding is one of the most unique experiences in life

  • Get to the park early
  • Wear good walking shoes
  • Bring water and sunscreen in summer and extra layers of clothes in winter
  • Bring some swim clothes and towels for kids
  • Come during rain and have some rain gear
  • Know your animal feeding and show times

Feed a Ray SignpostSan Diego Park pretty big, but getting lost in it hard

What are the best savings strategies while visiting SeaWorld San Diego?

How to save on tickets?

Ticket price is the biggest cost for this visit and has the biggest potential for savings. You should look for discounted tickets online as soon as you start planning your trip to San Diego. You might find special sales and discounted deals from SeaWorld directly or through your travel agency. If nothing like that is available, at least consider buying multiple-day ticket if you are going there for more than one day.

SeaWorld San Diego Coupons:

  • 20% OFF Single-Day Ticket
  • $10 OFF Ticket for One
  • 22% OFF Single-Day Ticket + Dining

How to save on food?

If you want to take advantage of all the great food available at the park, get Eat All Day Ticket and you can get a meal once per hour at all restaurants at the park. Nothing beats this deal except, of course, your own food brought with you, which is allowed. Bring at least a snack and water bottles with you even if you plan to eat at the park. While dining, consider sharing food, especially with kids and avoid wasting money. Finally, you don’t have to go for the most expensive restaurant in the park, unless you have a budget for it or if you are celebrating something special.

How to save on souvenirs?

SeaWorld San Diego StoreThe store offers a large assortment of souvenirs

First of all, talk to your kids prior to the visit and agree on one souvenir per person only. Second – stick to this decision no matter how cute the animals are. Third – buy sea-related stuffy animals in advance and have them ready to be handed out to kids after your visit.

Shamu Shop SeaWorldSouvenirs for orcas lovers

Some families are opting to forgo the souvenirs all together and get an experience instead. This is especially possible with older kids who can understand that another fluffy animal will be useless and soon forgotten while the experience might last a lifetime.

SeaWorld Gift Shop

SeaWorld rescue store

Saving on what’s already included

Sharks at SeaWorld San DiegoIn a large aquarium you can see sharks

You are already saving by visiting and enjoying all that’s already included. You can enjoy animal encounter and shows, so there is no need to purchase anything extra, except maybe for a few dollars’ worth of fresh fish to feel animals. You would be surprised how much fun your kids will have with just $5 worth of animal feed.

Orca On The Shore Shamu StadiumOrca Encounter is unforgettable experience!