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Great Wolf Lodge Savings Tricks

Great Wolf Lodge

If your family loves traveling, hotels, and theme parks, Great Wolf Lodge might be just what you need for your next vacation. The hotels are extremely kid-friendly and totally inclusive with a day pass. If you can get a hold on coupon, then you really have it made, so always search for one when planning your vacation. This article aims to inform you about the lodge, what to do there, and how to get the best deal:


How to get the day pass to Great Wolf Lodge?

Here goes the most important thing – you have to travel during non-peak times because that’s when Groupon day pass is available. Hopefully you don’t work Monday through Friday, and if you do, you can take a few days off, as Groupon deal works Sunday through Thursday only. If you can take that mini vacation, you won’t be sorry because the savings are great.

Great Wolf Lodge Activities


What does day pass include?

The day pass includes:

  • Hotel room
  • Water park access
  • Other resort amenities

Great Wolf Lodge Resort


How can you get water park passes?

Waterpark is included with your stay and with stay only, which means that you can’t just come from the street and use it. Waterpark will never be too crowded because the passes are limited per room. This is nice because you know there will never be too many kids and you will always be able to find yours.

Great Wolf Lodge Water Park


When is it the best time to visit the waterpark?

It’s always nice to swim, but there are times when it’s a bit nicer. That special quiet time is in the morning, every day, right after it opens, especially if you want to try the big slides. All through the day there are long lines and who wants to deal with those?

One other great time to get some water action is during meal times, when all the little ones are replenishing their energy reserves. If you can get your family to eat a little earlier, you will definitely benefit.

Great Wolf Lodge Deals


Are there any ways to save on the day pass?

Today, with internet and access to sites like Groupon and Living Social, you can find a deal on virtually everything, including Great Wolf Lodge. All you have to do is plan ahead, do some research, and then take your family to enjoy some splashing in the water any time of the year.

Great Wolf Lodge Passes


What is included with the Groupon deal?

When Great Wolf Lodge runs a promotion, they make it worthwhile. The Groupon deal usually includes $25 daily credit at the resort shops and free perks like free breakfast, pizza, or a scoop of the legendary Blue Bunny ice cream.

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Great Wolf Lodge Coupons:

  • 40% OFF Waterpark Stays
  • Extra $30 OFF
  • $10 OFF Activities


Are there any other ways to save more money while at Great Wolf Lodge?

Besides Groupon there definitely are a few other ways to save extra cash:

  • There is a small refrigerator in every room, so you can bring some edible items to store there.
  • You will get 2 free water bottles, a coffee maker, and a packet of ground coffee for every room.
  • You should definitely bring some breakfast items, like bars and donuts to save on $10 kids’ breakfast buffet, which they won’t eat anyway.
  • It’s a great idea to have snacks for the afternoon munchies and for the nightly story time at 8 p.m. or a clock tower dance show.

Great Wolf Lodge Store

What do people love about the Great Wolf Lodge the most?

Besides waterpark and all other kid-friendly fun, people also rave about the superb customer service and high quality standards. All 12 resorts will do everything to make sure everything is as you expected. Lifeguards are extremely professional and really second to none. The resort provides life jackets for kids if you don’t have enough with you, and let’s face it – who has space for them in the car?

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What is the Paw or Pup pass and do you need it?

One final tip – don’t get the Paw or Pup pass unless you are staying for over 3 days. This pass will direct you to many perks and activities of the resort, but so many of them are free anyway that the pass might serve as a distraction and keep you away from those water slides. If you have time for activities, talk with the check-in staff and you will be informed about all the free things to do, crafts, story times, and dance parties.