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Kidbox StarWars Special Edition Review

Kidbox StarWars Special EditionLimited Edition Star Wars KidBox

KidBox is one of the newest subscription boxes I wanted to try for my son. I love various beauty boxes and pet boxes for myself, so I decided to order something that my boys would also like and look forward to.

KidBox DiscountKidBox is full of fashionable surprises

My 5 year old is very active and inquisitive, it’s hard to keep up with him, and so I am always on the lookout for new activities and new clothes for him to roam outside exploring. I don’t always want to invest my time and money searching for both of these necessities and that’s why I would love to find a good subscription box for that. We are always enjoying our Toucan Box from England, but also wanted to try something local that includes fashion apparel for kids.

KidBox PromoFull list of KidBox contents

I looked around and found KidBox, which sounded interesting. I like how they advertise a team effort to create a nice selection of apparel that would make our shopping life easier. I imagined my son would be way happier to open a box at home with new clothes and some activities than to go all the way to Walmart or Target and spend a long time looking for stuff and trying it on. What 5 year old wouldn’t love that?

KidBox Boys BoxOne KidBox can seriously replenish any closet

There is one more thing – KidBox operates with a mission. If you keep the entire box of fashion choices that you get, they will donate clothes for kids from needy families. You can even choose where to donate and feel good about participating in KidBox’s goal of helping kids. It’s been a million donations so far.

KidBox Yellow TopFashionable choices for little kids from KidBox

The way it works is you get 1 box per season and either keep all of it, send some stuff back, or send everything back. Shipping is always free and so are the returns. When you first start, you and your child will have to answer a few fun quiz questions to help the team behind KidBox select items for you that you would enjoy.

KidBox DealsRubber bracelets from KidBox

When it comes to price, the box is not the cheapest around, but could be worth it. If you keep the entire box with 6-8 items, you will pay $98 + tax. This translates into about $15 per item. Baby box has 5-6 items and costs $68 or $12-$13 per item.

See KidBox Coupons:

  • 10% OFF Your First Box with code TRY10
  • Free Shipping and Free Returns on All Orders

I like that you can build your own box or let KidBox stylists choose cool things for you. New customers can use code HELLO and get 50% off their first order, which I definitely enjoyed. KidBox carries a wide array of nationally known brands:

  • Adidas
  • Art & Eden
  • 7 for all mankind
  • Lucky Brand
  • Puma
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Vintage Havana
  • Burt’s Bees
  • Kidtopia
  • Masalababy
  • Chick pea
  • Lee
  • Hudson Kids
  • Joe’s
  • Bombas
  • NIOVI Organics
  • Just Born

KidBox TopsPerfect shirts for spring from KidBox

There are too many brands to mention them all. Long story short, I loved the idea with the message behind it and decided to order not one, but two boxes.

KidBox Star Wars 20offKidBox for kids is full of fashionable surprises

This review is about the first one, Star Wars themed.

KidBox Star Wars DealsThe Story of each box is included

My son loves everything Star Wars, which must come from his older brother, so we were pretty excited to get our first KidBox delivery with everything Star Wars.

KidBox Star Wars PromoStar War theme for little fans from KidBox

Unfortunately we were kind of disappointed with our first box, even with all the Star Wars things in it. We ended up sending it back, the quality or materials and clothing design just wasn’t impressive enough. This is what came in our first KidBox:

KidBox ABC stickersAlphabet sticker activity from KidBox

  • ABC stickers. The letters are all capital, but come in different sizes. Could be a short fun activity.

KidBox Red BallLittle surprise ball for unwrapping from KidBox

  • A red ball that is wrapped in many layers of paper and can be unwrapped to reveal some surprises. We didn’t un-wrap it.

KidBox-Scribble Issue of Spring 2020Little craft page from KidBox

  • Scribble issue of spring 2020 with a coloring page that has butterflies, flowers, and birds.

KidBox Star Wars Logo Falcon HoodieStar Wars fashion from KidBox

  • Star Wars Logo Falcon Hoodie for $45 retail price. The hoodie was synthetic and a little big for us. Nothing special about it.

KidBox Boys Storm Trooper TopStar Wars themed Shirt from special edition KidBox

  • Boys Storm Trooper Top for $35 retail. This top was the only one item that we liked and could’ve kept, but since we were sending everything back, we included this one too.

KidBox Boys Star Wars FleeceFleece pajama top from KidBox

  • Boys Star Wars Fleece PJ Set – $38. It’s two pieces and made of thick fleece, which we never wear while sleeping. I like organic cotton on the body, but could let my son wear fleece outside, when it’s cold. In addition to poor material quality, the set looked very cheap, with wide pants and no style whatsoever. My son wasn’t very impressed either.

KidBox Boys Star Wars Fleece PJ SetFleece pajama bottoms from KidBox

It was an interesting experience, but we didn’t have to think long to decide that sending it back was the best choice. We packed it and shipped it back for free. The second box was a better value for the money for sure, but that story is in the next review.