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Toucan Box March 2020

Toucan Box March 2020

I have been ordering Toucan boxes for my younger son for a while now. He just turned 5 and loves doing crafts with us or with his older brother. While crafting is nice, looking for ideas and surprises is not, at least not for me, so having Toucan Box deliver all of it right to our door is nothing short of amazing. I always feel that spending time constructing something with my boys is much better than spending that time driving around craft supply stores.

Toucan Box Projects

Toucan box comes once a month from the United Kingdom. It costs around $14 and another $2.95 for shipping. The perfect age for Toucan box recipients is 3-8 years. When you first sign up, you will have to put your kid’s name and age in the profile. This helps the company to include age-appropriate activities and also ensures that each box comes personalized with your child’s name on it.

Toucan Box 50% OFF Coupons

Toucan Box offers first box free, so make sure you look for a promo code or contact the company about the best way to get this discount. I got my first box free and understood right away that my little Michael is hooked on it. And it’s definitely a great thing to be hooked on because the creators focus on learning, fine motor skills, problem solving, and creative thinking. I see some math, shape recognition, tracing, cutting, and many other skills developing.

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Toucan Box Crafts

What I enjoy the most about Toucan boxes is that all the needed materials are included and of very high quality. It’s not like getting the cheapest supplies as you can often experience at discounted retailers here. And the fact that it comes from Europe is also nice – I know we’ll see things that are simply different from everything you can get here. Long story short, we like Toucan box and look forward to it every month. This time we were excited about our March 2020 delivery and it sure didn’t disappoint.

Toucan Box Bee Project

The box, as usual, came with a magazine full of instructions, recipes, fun reads, and two crafts. The first, a bee and a hive, was done right away. The bee was pretty easy to complete.

Toucan Box Bee

Yes, I helped a little to make sure it came out perfect, but Michael was definitely the author. The yellow and black bee sits on top of wooden hive and can be hung somewhere as a decoration. We will be including it in our Easter décor garden.

Toucan Box Yellow and Black Bee

Another big project was a modern 3D painting, which we decided to make our own and didn’t follow the directions.

Toucan Box Painting

It’s about developing creativity after all! The kit included a small stretched canvas, round shapes of various colors, glue, and paint. Michael glued the shapes however he wanted on the canvas and then went loose with the paint.

Toucan Box 3D painting

He painted all around the shapes and over them for the maximum effect. Since the paint was oil based, we got some nice texture going and mostly purple color effect. Absolutely lovely!

Toucan Box Modern 3D Painting

Once both projects got complete, we devoted some time to the magazine and little project there. The first project was mini molded statues from 1 cup of baking soda, ½ of starch, and ¾ cups of water. Pretty simple, right? You combine all the ingredients, heat it for 10 minutes on low while stirring, and voila – you have some statue making materials! We have to get to it yet though, life before Easter is keeping us busy!

Toucan Box Mini Molded Statues

Another simple project is paint palette sugar cookies. The recipe calls for butter, sugar, egg, vanilla extract, flour, baking powder, and paper straw. For icing you will need icing sugar and a few colored mini jellies. The sugar cookies are not complicated to make, shape, color as a palette, and then enjoy. Both of my boys love cooking, so it was a no brainer project for Michael and his older brother, they didn’t even need me.

Toucan Box paint Palette Sugar Cookies

There is a section dedicated to customer photo gallery and future announcements about fun projects for inventions, overcoming challengers, creating, and learning along the way. I also read an inspiring interview with an artist from Toucan box and helped Michael cut out colorful pieces of paper for DIY mosaic.

Toucan Box Album

We thoroughly enjoyed our March Toucan box and will be looking for April delivery. It will be perfect too because right around that time we will be done with egg coloring and will be in the need for new projects.