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Coolest Back to School Subscription Boxes in 2019

Going back to school might seem far away, but it’s really around the corner. Whether you are just beginning your academic journey, changing schools, or graduating, the end of summer is marked by back-to-school shopping and excitement.

Back to School Stem Box

This transitional time can be less busy and stressful if at least some of the shopping can be done via subscription boxes and from the comfort of your home. You can order all kinds of goods to help you relax, relief stress, and simply offer some motivation to take on new challenges.

Here is a list of best subscription boxes for students and teachers that will include useful things and gifts for the new life:


Freshman Fun Box ($60/month)

What will you get with this box?

When you have somebody leaving home for college or boarding school, both sides feel excitement, but also sadness and anxiety. To help students deal with home sickness this box delivers personal care items, snacks, clothing, and more. It can be like a small caring touch from home.

Educational Subscription Boxes


You Matter! Box ($15/month)

What’s included with this service?

This subscription box targets teens and tweens who might be struggling with self-esteem and finding their place in life. To boost their self-esteem, self-worth, and gain confidence, Dr. Shannon Curtis, a school counselor, has created this box that delivers positive messages each month.

There are two levels and both deliver activities and uplifting items. This will help your loved ones feel cared for and pampered.


Cloth & Paper ($18/month)

What is this box about?

Having a school supply list is cool, but surely some things will be forgotten or run out sooner or later. Trust this company and you will get everything you need for your classroom every month. You will receive 4-7 sophisticated goodies and supplies each month. Expect to get paper, planners, and pens, making this service perfect for students and teachers alike.


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Sparkle Hustle Grow ($25/month)

What to expect?

This box is perfect for those of us who are heading to a business school or looking for our own career or business. This monthly delivery can help you find some inspiration and motivation. You can choose between two levels and get items for your personal growth and productivity. Expect to receive books and training tools to improve your business, get ideas, and meet with likeminded communities.

Educational Subscription Box 2019


SCRIBEdelivery ($29/month)

What can you expect from this service?

You will be able to learn something new every day with this box, full of high-quality school supplies and goodies. Best stationery brands will deliver pens, notebooks, pencils, and some unexpected items each month. Learning can definitely be fun!


Paper Kitty ($13/month)

Who is this service good for?

Both students and teachers can enjoy this box no matter where in their learning journey they are. Everybody loves a bit of whimsical fun and that is guaranteed to arrive. All the supplies will be not just fun, but very useful too, made and prepared by the best stationary makers around.


Kindergarten Crate ($39/month)

What will the little ones get?

This box made for all the fun early education teachers, who will love getting schools supplies and various activity kits for the classroom. Pre-K, K, and 1st grade teachers will definitely find some great use for those 5-8 items every month, including a fun tee, a read-along book, and a gift.


The Preschool Box ($33/month)

The Preschool Box

Is this box good for parents?

Yes, this box will help you get your little ones ready for school. It is loaded with simple activities, stickers, and books to help your child understand what learning is and how fun it can be. Phonics, counting, colors, shapes, and writing activities are loved by kids and parents alike. Every box includes a teaching guide for parents.

Preschool Box


Healthy Living Kids ($23/month)

What does this box teach kids?

This subscription box is geared towards learning about healthy way of life early on. It includes healthy snacks, books, toys, and healthy activities. Each box is curated by experts and includes 7-10 items. You can also choose a box with snacks only and receive 10-15 tasty treats each time. Kids need healthy fuel to power them through long school days after all.


Reading Bug Box ($20/month)

What is it about?

For the love of reading, get this box for your kids and encourage reading early on. The books are hand-picked based on your child’s age and likes, so he or she is guaranteed to love them. Every box includes 2-3 books and some surprises.

Subscription Boxes for Kids 2019


My Spirit Box ($19/2 months)

How does it work?

If you have a budding athlete in your life, this box will help with all cheering, dancing, and gymnastics needs. You can choose between 5 subscription plans and then enjoy getting hair accessories, skin care, beauty, makeup items and edible goodies for all the dancers in your life.


Kites & Ivy ($39/3 months)

Who can benefit from this box?

This box is expertly curated for women in academia who are hitting the books hard. For those times when stress is at its highest, like the beginning of a new semester or the end of year, the box delivers beauty products, makeup, snacks, and cozy little gifts to lend a helping hand when it’s needed the most.