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FabFitFun Fall 2021 Review

FabFitFun Fall 2021

FabFitFun, one my favorite subscription boxes, strikes again. I love every one of those boxes and always wait for them with anticipation. They kind of signal a change for me, like this time – it’s the middle of August, but I get this box with maple leaves on it and can immediately feel the breeze in the air, knowing fall is not too far away. Because I am so done with this heat! Aren’t you?

FabFitFun Fall 2021 Offers

FabFitFun is a box that covers many areas of interest for me – fashion, skin care, beauty, fitness, and home décor. I get a variety of full size items without a need to get interested in the newest trends myself. Essentially I remain trendy without any effort. This company was the first one I’ve tried and I still remain committed, which is unusual, because often times the quality melts away together with the newness of the product or the concept. I’m happy it’s not the case for me with FabFitFun.

FabFitFun Fall 2021 Box

Spending $49.95 per season is very affordable, because the value of all the products received exceeds $200 every time. And if I don’t use everything I get, I give it away as presents to my friends. But I like most of the stuff for myself, to a great disappointment of those said friends. Some products I liked so much that I end up purchasing more from fabfitfun.com.

FabFitFun Fall 2021 Promo

See FabFitFun Offers:

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  • $10 Off First Box when use coupon SMILE

In addition to products, each box brings discounts and coupons to be enjoyed, which I make sure I use, because who wouldn’t enjoy 9 free Home Chef meals or a $100 discount for teeth whitening kit? Each box also includes an invitation for a friend to join, because good things should always be shared. I joined FabFitFun through my sister myself and we love having video chat opening parties when our new boxes arrive. I have a seasonal box, while she orders Editor’s, but I don’t really see that much difference, except about $20 savings per year when she prepays in advance.

This is what I got this time:

Uncommon James Copper Canisters (Set of 2)

Uncommon James Copper Canister

The canisters are going to decorate my kitchen. I don’t yet know what I will be putting in them, but even if they remain empty, they will still be on my wooden slab shelf in the kitchen. They will fit perfectly with my copper mugs that Moscow mules are being consumed from. Add a candle there and a perfect fall ensemble will be ready.

Uncommon James Cheeseboard

Uncommon James Cheeseboard

It remains to be seen if it’ll be used as a cheeseboard or a cutting board in general, but it looks lovely either way. It’s big and very sturdy, and heavy too – all the qualities I appreciate in a wooden board that will be hanging around my kitchen.

Camp Gladiator 3 Month Fitness Subscription and Jump Rope

Camp Gladiator Offer

I am always on the quest to have more fitness in my life. I have tried a boot camp and worked out with a trainer, but eventually I always end up at home on my own. This is why this 3-month program and a cute jump rope look promising.

FRYE Bamboo Boot Socks (2 pack)

FRYE Bamboo Boot Socks

Bamboo everything is my latest obsession. I’m perpetually surprised about a limitless variety of stuff that can be made from bamboo – from food to flooring, it seems. These bamboo socks here not only look good, but feel soft and luxurious.

Zoe Ayla Combs

Zoe Ayla Combs

A girl can never have too many beauty accessories and devices. My 10 year old girl seems to agree with me too, so this comb set is going to be split between us. She has long hair and definitely needs more tools to keep them in order than I do.

Candier Girl Build Your Own Empire Candle

Empire Candle

It’s all in the name, ya’ll, and I love it. I am a girl who likes to build her empire, so this is right on. It looks great and smells divine, but besides these qualities, I enjoy all the inspiration I get every time I look at it on my desk.

Dove Advanced Care Moisturizer

Dove Advanced Care Moisturizer

This little moisturizer was included by default for all members, I didn’t pick it, but fine, I’ll use it. It’s a bit main stream and would not be my first choice for my beauty regime, but since it arrived without me asking for it, I’ll find ways to use it or to donate it.

Earth Harbor Marina Brightening Ampoule

Harbor Marina Brightening Ampoule

This little bottle comes very handy after all the sun tanning I did in Greece this summer. The main ingredient here is Blue Tansy Spirulina, hence the light blue color. It works wonders evening out skin tone and reducing discoloration. It’s all natural, ethical, and sustainable – even more reasons to love it.

The 2Bandits Tiered Catchall Tray

2Bandits Tiered Catchall Tray

This little tray is very cute and will be used to store my ring collection and golden necklaces. It’s not big enough for bulky earrings, unfortunately, because my collection of those is very large. But it’s perfect for smaller jewelry.

Talking Tables Trivia Box – Food and Drink

Talking Tables Trivia Box

This trivia box will come handy on our Thanksgiving and summer beach travels with friends. We usually make up 8 adults and 17 kids, so this is definitely good for the time when all of those 17 kids go to bed.

Heineken 0.0% Alcohol

FabFitFun Heineken

Finally, 0.0% Heineken – not my drink choice and will be gifted to friends, you know, designated drivers at our pool parties. I’ll go for a nice cup of tea or something bubbly before I resort to some fake beer.

Nurish Vitamins Promo

Besides this nice collection of products, FabFitFun box included a 50% off my first month of Nurish vitamins and supplements. I might just give them a try, because I am currently not taking any vitamins, so it would be good to get on some sort of program to strengthen my immune system before fall really hits us with viruses.

That’s it for this time and I will surely be looking for my next FabFitFun Winter box, because it’ll mean that Christmas is coming!