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FabFitFun Summer 2021 Review

FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box

It seems that it’s been forever since I opened my last FabFitFun box in spring, because life is busy and finally beginning to look normal again after COVID restrictions are being lifted everywhere. I celebrate that with more work and more sitting in traffic. This is why this FabFitFun is so nice – I got a whole bunch of new things without having to do any shopping and drive anywhere.

FabFitFun Summer 2021

Shopping has never been something I like, especially for new beauty trends and fitness supplies, although I love them all as much as the next girl. FanFitFun faithfully delivers full size items that relate to beauty, health, self-care, fitness, fashion, and home décor every season. I love trying various new products, especially when I know that I am getting a good deal. And FabFitFun always brings great prices.

FabFitFun Summer 2021 Deals

See FabFitFun Promotions:

  • Extra 20% Off with coupon code chatty
  • Free Summer Box for new customers purchasing an Annual Subscription with code firstbox
  • $45 off when you prepay for 4 boxes with code firstboxfree

Each box costs $49.99 if paid seasonally. If you are looking to save some extra money, you should become an annual member and pay the cost up front, which will save you $5 for each box. The best part for me is knowing that after I pay my $45, the value I receive is at least $200. But in reality I never got a box with less than $250 worth of items in it.

FabFitFun Summer 2021 Offers

I have tried many different subscription boxes and while some are nice, such as Causebox, Beachly, and Globe In, FabFitFun offers the best variety and is always on trend, for which I love it the most.

Here is what came this time:

Blush Pineapple shaped silicone ice mold

Silicone Ice Mold

Who doesn’t need a pineapple shaped ice in their drinks this summer? Imagine the possibilities – ice with pineapple juice or spiced with rum for perfect mojitos. The silicone shapes are easy to use unlike old style hard plastic, so summer drinks can come perfect without any frustration of stuck and hard to get ice.

SOAR Clip-on selfie ring light

SOAR Clip-on Selfie Ring Light

All the Instagram influencers must have one of these or how else can you explain the perfect light each time? It’s super simple to use – just clip it on and click away. I am known as a selfie queen in my circle, but lately have noticed way too many little wrinkles for selfies and had to slow down. With a bright light like this, my wrinkles don’t stand a chance, even without Botox.

Baublebar Build Your Own Bracelet

Baublebar Build Your Own BraceletThis is perfect for anybody who is crafty or who has a crafty daughter like me. Kids always help me with my FabFitFun box opening and this time, when my daughter saw this, her eyes really sparkled joy. I offered this kit to her immediately. In all seriousness though, it’s perfect for anybody and whatever is made will be unique.

Art & Cook citrus squeezer

Art & Cook Citrus Squeezer

We live in California, surrounded by fresh citrus. That being said, while I love freshly squeezed juice, I don’t want to mess with my bulky juicer every time. This little green device is perfect for those times when I just want to grab a couple of fruit and get a glass of juice. It’s effective and cleanup is a breeze. What could be better for summer refreshments?

pmd Clean in teal

pmd Clean in teal

This vibrating face cleaning tool works great and makes my facial skin feel truly refreshed. In fact, I got so used to it that when I wash my face without it, it doesn’t even feel clean any more. I put my favorite Dr. Bronner’s soap on it and massage away every night.

obe resistant bands, light and medium

Obe Resistant Bands

We are in the process of dedicating one basement room to a home gym, so these resistance bands will be a nice addition. I love the feminine pastel colors and how high quality they feel. Ever since slowing down because of my back issues, I’ve been dying to get back to some kind of work outs and these will be a perfect start to my strength training again.

Just Be puzzles and activities book

Just Be Puzzles and Activities Book

It might not be a necessity in normal circumstances, but we are planning a trip to Europe in July, so this book might just be a life saver on the plane. I can see myself putting kids to sleep, putting air pods in and getting down to business with this book.

In addition to 7 full size items, each box brings some promo codes and discounts. The first discount is for you friends – you can send them a code and they will get $15 off their first box. And not only that, you will be their best friend forever for doing that.

Nurish Summer 2021 Coupon

Lastly, you will get 50% off first month subscription of Nurish and 14 free meals from Hello Fresh, which delivers delicious recipes and all the needed ingredients for some scrumptious summer cooking at home.

Hello Fresh Summer 2021 Coupon

Enjoy your FabFitFun and don’t forget to share it with friends!