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FabFitFun Spring 2021 Editor's Box

FabFitFun Spring Box 2021 Review

Spring has definitely sprung more now that I received my FabFitFun box. This subscription box is definitely one of my favorites, if not the most favorite. It might be because it was the first subscription I have ever tried or maybe because I always love what I get. In any case, FabFitFun is here and I am excited.

FabFitFun Spring Offers 2021

I love this box enough to pay for the entire year in advance and not have to worry about seasonal payments on my card. Going this route helps me save $20 too, which is not much, but why not save if you can? Editor’s box always arrives on time and most of the time before the regular subscription – I know it because my sister has a seasonal one.

FabFitFun Spring Deals 2021

FabFitFun boxes cost $54.95 without the yearly subscription and $49.95 with it. Each one brings full size items that are related to that particular season one way or another, so you can expect flip flops in summer and cozy slippers in winter. FabFitFun specializes in lifestyle, fitness, fashion, and contemporary home items. I am always amazed how $50 box can bring value of over $200, but that’s what it does every time. I don’t have to shop and learn about new trends in beauty and fashion – everything is brought to me and safely left at my door step. You see, there is no way not to love FabFitFun!

FabFitFun Spring Promotions 2021

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  • 20% Off Your First Seasonal Subscription with code flourish

Let’s take a look at what came in this box just in time for my spring celebration:

Pink Sky Cactus Sipper Cup – $20

Pink Sky Cactus Sipper Cup

This bright and very happy looking sipper cup is sure to turn heads on the beach no matter if you’ll be having water or margarita in there. I say it calls for margarita just because of its shape, but it’s perfect for any liquid consumed in style. It’s not only cute, but also very convenient to hold by both handles. I shall take it everywhere with me this summer, if I will be let out of the house in California during this forever quarantine.

ALICE + OLIVIA Reversible Bucket Hat – $85

Reversible Bucket Hat

Yes, this fashion forward hat from ALICE + OLIVIA is really reversible and looks good on both sides. Navy blue is a bit dark for the beach, but perfect for a forest hike, while the white side is great for defending against sun rays by the water while looking cool.

Sorbus Makeup Organizer – $30

Sorbus Makeup Organizer

I have entirely too many earrings and too much makeup. One of those problems will get solved with this compact organizer. It might not fit all of my treasures, but it will definitely help with lipstick, brushes, and concealers. If it works well, I might add another one from FabFitFun discounted marketplace when it becomes available.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil – $49

Josie Maran Argan Oil

Spring sun is the harshest on our post-winter and post-pandemic faces, so this oil blend is very timely. It pampers my skin with the help of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and Vitamin E, making it feel soft, hydrated, and youthful, not to mention smelling heavenly.

SAIE Reusable Beauty Rounds (3) – $15

SAIE Reusable Beauty Rounds

The pads are made of cotton and feel just as good as cotton pads, but without any waste. You can use them, wash them, and use them again over and over. This helps reducing landfills and also treats your skin royally and dare I say even better than plain cotton pads and sponges.

COCOFLOSS Tropical Trio – $28

COCOFLOSS Tropical Trio

Who doesn’t want to greet spring with a healthier and brighter smile? I know I do and thus I will be using these tasty flosses all the time. I am not very good at flossing diligently, unlike my husband, but with these in hand I’ll give him a run for his money.

CALPAC Set of 3 Packing Cubes in Sorbet – $40


I have had these sent to me before and I have enjoyed them during every trip, so much so that my daughter started stealing them from me. And I don’t mind that at all as long as she’s learning good organization habits. That being said, these will definitely be used in our family!

EACH JEWELS Flower Hair Clip (2) – $30

Each Jewels Flower Hair Clip

Hair flowing in light spring breeze won’t have to hit you in the face any more. With these cute clips you’ll look adorable and won’t have to fight your locks ever again. Hair accessories are becoming more and more popular these days and I’m looking forward to looking all cute when out and about in freedom, eventually.

FabFitFun also includes a magazine with information about all the products and useful beauty tips, which I always read.

Coupon for Hello Fresh Meal Kit Service

Then there is a coupon for Hello Fresh meal kit service, 13 free meals, which will be used by this busy mom for sure! Last but not least, you can give $15 off first box coupon to your friends and introduce them to this great service – I got 3 girlfriends hooked and thankful.

FabFitFun Coupon for Your Friends

Finally, FabFitFun always makes me feel good because they care about giving back and about the environment. Over $1 million has been raised so far and given to 21 charities. Last year the company switched to 100% recycled boxes and this year they are starting to work with One Tree Planted, which plants one tree for each $1 donated. FabFitFun has my full support for these initiatives and I feel proud to be their customer. Keep up the good work!