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Ellen DeGeneres EV1 Clothing Line. Chick and Affordable.

Ellen Degeneres Walmart Clothing Line

How did the collection come about?

Walmart is not known as a fancy shopping place. This is where you come to get your shampoos, towels, and toys, right? Unlike what most people think, Walmart has been working on establishing its name as a fashion and beauty go-to store. As one extra step to that fashion powerhouse direction, Walmart and Ellen DeGeneres have launched a collaborative project called EV1. The fashion line is very inclusive, carries sizes XS to XXXL, is inexpensive, flattering, and totally wearable. Everything in this collection is priced $30 or less.

EV1 Walmart

EV1 is the latest line in the collection of popular fashion brands: Hard Candy, Flower Beauty, and Lord & Taylor Premium Brands Shop, proving that Walmart is extremely committed to improving customer experience and offering them wide choices when it comes to fashion.

What can we expect from this line-up?

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her unique yet simple style and comfy sneakers. Many items in this collection reflect her style and go perfectly with any pair of kicks. The collection includes sneakers, obviously, and is intended to serve for easy mixing and matching.

Walmart EV1 Promo

What clothing items will EV1 have and when will it become available?

EV1 includes 60 items to get you dressed from top to bottom: jeans, leggings, sneakers, jackets, tees, accessories, and shoes. Denim is at the core of the collection that is meant to be for everyone and for everywhere.

The entire collection will be available on September 10 online and some items in store.

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What does Ellen think about her collection?

The comedian is very happy with the result and describes the collection as adorable. She said her main goal was to create something that would be universally inclusive. Her vision while working on this line was love, kindness, and diversity, as she herself is known to be.

EV1 Ellen Degeneres Walmart

Does this collection send a message? What kind?

Ellen herself is very positive and very optimistic, so it’s no wonder that her message is love, written and embroidered on many tees and jackets.

The inclusiveness factor is in the name too – Everyone. Walmart is happy to have this brand enter its stores to give everyone a boost of fall fashion and solidify Walmart’s status as a fast fashion place.

The comedian definitely participated in designing the apparel and testing the comfort level. And she is very excited about the end result – it’s trendy, affordable, and high quality.

Walmart EV1 Clothes

What does Ellen like the most from her collection?

Asked what she liked the most, Ellen couldn’t really answer because all the items are close to her heart. She loves the denim jackets and t-shirts with love messages. One of her favorite pieces is Alex vintage jeans because of how relaxed and comfortable they feel.

Walmart EV1 Coupon

Let’s take a look at a few must-haves come September:

  • Love Denim Jacket ($28)
  • Baseball tees ($12)
  • Crew socks ($9.99)
  • Console Lace Up Sneaker ($30)
  • Preston High Rise Skinny Jeans ($24)

Ellen Degeneres Love Denim Jacket