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Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids that are not Sweets

Valentines Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, so it’s never too early to think about gifts for all the special someones in our life, including kids. Yes, they need some loving too, not only your husbands and boyfriends, because after all, who are the sweetest love bugs of all?

Best Valentines Day Gifts

However, sweet love bugs don’t need more sweets; they get enough candy as is. So what can you put in those paper boxes that would make even the pickiest kids happy?

Valentines Day Gifts for Girls

Take a look at some suggestions for every taste and every budget and get ordering:


Personalized Photo Apron Set

If you want to pull out all stops for that special kid in your life, get Personalization Mall embroidered kids’ apron set, which includes an apron, chef’s hat, and a small mitten for all the little cooks.

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Personalized Valentines Day Gifts for Kids

Personalization Mall can personalize just about anything you want – stuffed toys, jewelry boxes, décor items, and create personalized books. You can also order personalized stuff on Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart.


Yes, those are good for every occasion. LOL Surprise Dolls are hot now and won’t cool off anytime soon. Walmart has them and so does Amazon, along with its other top toys and games for 2019. Board games, like Don’t Step on It or Monopoly: Cheaters Edition can be great for the entire family.

Educational toys

Consider a book, a puzzle, or a subscription box like KiwiCo, which are educational material, but toy-like. KiwiCo has subscription boxes for every age tier, so you can move up as time goes on and never feel stuck.

Valentines Day Educational Toy Gifts

The smallest gift receivers really enjoy book series, like Poppy Pendle, or various age-appropriate comic collections. Those would be great for continuous gift giving in the future.

Cozy jammies

Kids Themed Pajamas

There are themed pajamas for every occasion for the entire family, making them perfect gifts that are also functional. Little Star Organic Cotton Toddler Pajama sets cost just $15 and arrive in 2 days.

Themed Pajamas Sale

You can also get kids a weighted blanket to go together with cute pajamas or a pair of animal slippers to keep those tootsies warm and toasty.

Winter accessories

Winter is still raging in many places in the middle of February, but stores are starting to hold sales on all winter wear to open up space for spring fashion, so get a new set of gloves, hat, and scarf from Nordstrom or pretty much anywhere else. Older kids always enjoy cute thermal wear from Uniqlo, which can be found for under $10 a piece in February.

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Kids

Gifts for the entire family

Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be for each person separately, so give something to unite the entire family, like a DIY craft kit, such as bracelet making kit, slime recipe, or a printable mask. Those last ones are amazing and can be made at home with a computer for kit downloading, printer, cardboard, glue, and scissors. If you live where you can take advantage of show, you can order a 15-piece snowman kit and have a blast outside.

Happy Valentine’s Day!