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Best Mother's Day Gifts 2019. Give Her What She Really Wants

Calling all those sons, daughters, and husbands who have cool and trendy moms! Mother’s Day is almost here, so there is no time to waste when it comes to getting her something special. If you think that something special has to be costly, trust us – it doesn’t have to be that way.

best gift for mom

We have a list of the most popular and hot gifts that will fit every budget, because, you know, we don’t live in the dream world where money is no object. Fortunately, many of those items are on sale or just overall not bank breaking. Mom deserves the best and we are here to show you how to make her happy while also saving:

25-30% off Nixplay digital photo frames

Moms usually have thousands of beautiful family pictures and store them on their phones indefinitely. These frames are great for letting them show off the photographs and decorate a room with this cool gadget. These photo frames are ranking among the best and nothing can beat the thoughtfulness of such a gift.

Nixplay.com has various frames and offers on their home page, so take a look and choose the model that works best for you and her. You can surprise her with Nixplay Seed Ultra 10-inch, Nixplay Seed 13.3-inch, or Nixplay Seed 10.1-inch, which comes out as the best value.

Insignia 8-quart Pressure Cooker for $40 ($80 savings)

Pressure Cooker

We might be weary when giving mom a gift that ensures she continues her unending work in the kitchen, but this one is different. It actually serves her and helps her to get everything done faster. This kitchen appliance has been one of the most popular holiday gifts for a few years now, so if she still doesn’t have it, you know what to do.

Walmart and Best Buy are two places with the best deals for this pot. Make sure you get the 8-inch, not the 6-inch if you want the entire family to gather around one large meal.

Walmart Cooker Codes 20off

Get it with Walmart Discount:

  • $10 OFF Your First Purchase;
  • Free Two Day Shipping on Orders Over $35;
  • 80% OFF Select Rollbacks

Apple Watch Series 3 for $199 ($80 savings)

This gift is not the cheapest on the list, but $80 savings are significant for something as cool as an Apple Watch. The watch comes with a white band, but there are plenty of other color options if you are looking for something unique. This watch has the best iPhone connectivity capabilities.

Walmart Apple watch promo

If you want to add something to this gift, you will find plenty of inexpensive accessories that go together.

AirPod alternative: The BlitzWolf BW-FYE1 wireless earbuds for $33 ($17 savings)

Give her a gift of disconnection and recharging. Whether she is cooking, shopping, gardening, or jogging, she can do it with music in her ears. These sleek earbuds actually stay in the ears, comfortably. They also come with a small charging case and auto pair as soon as you open it.

The quality is great if you are not from the music industry and in need of something extra. Moms love simplicity and these airbuds can give just that.

Facebook Portal for $99 ($100 savings)

Gone are days when you had to call your mom and not see her while talking. Skype and Facetime are good too, but the new generation Facebook Portal device beats them all.

$99 will give you a dedicated video-call machine that can also be used as voice-powered assistant for music, videos, and even family photos display. Once you get her this good looking device, you will be able to call from your Facebook Messenger from anywhere with internet connection.

You can find it on Amazon and save even more if you choose to get Portal and Portal Plus together.

UE Wonderboom mini Bluetooth speaker for $43 ($37 savings)

Discounted almost 50% these compact yet powerful mini speakers are great for a fun-loving mom, who can take music to the garden, lake, beach, or bike ride anytime and anywhere.

They are powerful, loud, and have great bass capabilities. Even better – they float in water and last for a long time.

Finally, you can pick her favorite color, but keep in mind that they all arrive in a brown unsightly box.