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ColonBroom Vs Miralax

November 21, 2022

ColonBroom vs Miralax Review

Many people have probably heard about the benefits of cleansing colon using ColonBroom. But are there any ColonBroom substitutes that would work as effectively as this popular dietary supplement? I decided to compare ColonBroom to Miralax to see if I could replace rather costly ColonBroom with budget friendly Miralax.

Miralax Offers

First, let’s compare the ingredients. The active ingredient in each dose of Miralax is polyethylene glycol 3350, 17 g. And nothing else. So, this makes a totally chemical loaded products which is supposed to effectively eliminate constipation and soften stool.

Miralax Ingredients

You can purchase Miralax at most grocery stores, such as Target or Walmart. The lowest price for Miralax is at Costco: it costs $32.99 for two bottles and has 34 daily doses in each. In other words, it will last you 68 days as you are supposed to take it daily to ensure long lasting results.

What is polyethylene glycol 3350? Is it harmful? I checked Goggle and discovered that it is considered to be safe and even is allowed to use for children. Miralax is often recommended by doctors as an effective constipation relief remedy. However, some studies proved that polyethylene glycol 3350 has a number of side effects that include bloating, nausea and gas. It can also cause allergy and diarrhea and is known to harm kidneys.

On reading all that I decided I had better stay away from this product and its side effects seemed to exceed the possible benefit. I’m sure that the problem of constipation and bloating can be solved with the help of natural ingredients that would not harm the person.

ColonBroom Offer

Now, it’s time to compare ColonBroom. It has 60 servings that would last for a month. The cost of one bottle is about $65, but with ColonBroom Coupon you can get it for much less.

ColonBroom $10 Off Promotion

In fact, the price of each ColonBroom bottle would be much cheaper if you order 3- or 6-month ColonBroom subscription at

ColonBroom Ingredients

Are the ColonBroom ingredients synthetic? Are there any ColonBroom side effects? I checked the list of ingredients and found no artificial flavors and preservatives. The main active ingredient is Psyllium Husk powder, 100% organic and natural fiber, which has the same effect as polyethylene glycol. Plus, ColonBroom contains lemon juice, some citric acid, sea salt and fruit and vegetable juice to add color. The drink itself tastes sweet due to Stevia Leaf Extract and it gets some nice red color close to that of strawberry. In fact, the drink has nice strawberry flavor and is quite delicious.

ColonBroom Drink

As for the side effects, there is one: some people may have allergy on psyllium husk, but the number of such people is quite small. I usually have allergic reaction to citrus fruits, but I have had no allergy on ColonBroom, even though I used it for a whole month.

ColonBroom Promotions

Well, the only advantage of Miralax is the price as it costs twice cheaper. But is it worth saving on quality? For me the choice is evident: I prefer using natural products that are safe and are not going to cause harm to my health. Preventing disease is more effective and much cheaper than curing it, so I had better splurge on quality dietary supplement that has no side effects. Now I see why ColonBroom is so popular and has so many positive reviews.

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