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Best Free Apps for Christmas Shopping

Free Apps for Christmas Shopping

Christmas is coming up and the evidence is everywhere: Costco Christmas decorations, Hobby Lobby shelves full of Christmas supplies, and an occasional Jingle Bells song here and there. It’s definitely the most magical time of the year and so it’s never too early to start getting ready for it, even though we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to go through.

Christmas Sales with App

As much as we love Christmas, retailers love it even more as most of them make the bulk of yearly revenue during November and December. Yes, it’s definitely a magical time when they make money and we break the bank for all of those we love.

Hobby Lobby Christmas Decorations Sale

We are here to tell you that breaking of the bank doesn’t really have to happen if you shop smart and spread your expenses wisely. Finally, it’s not about the price of the gift, it’s about the thought you put into it. And also about using every help you can to save money. Take a look at the list of 6 apps that can help you shop from your phone and point to the best deals and the right places:


Up to 90% OFF Christmas Deals with Groupon App

Yes, this discount mecca is very handy for all kinds of amazing deals and sweet extras in your area and beyond. You can buy products, experiences, services, and save on all of them. The deals can be as sweet as 50-90% off. Now that’s a gift worth giving, when you will save so much that you’ll be able to gift something nice for yourself too after all the Christmas shopping for others. And that can include retail therapy, massages, travel, and restaurants – pretty much anything you can use to recover.

Groupon Christmas Offers

Groupon Coupons:

  • 30% OFF Activities, Massages, Dinning & More
  • Extra 25% OFF Local Deals
  • 90% OFF Deals of The Day


This digital wallet stores all your loyalty cards and gets them out for you when needed. Have you been in the situation when you go shopping without much planning and realize that this one time when you really need that loyalty card for points, you just don’t have it? We have, but never with Stocard.

You can store all your loyalty cards on the app by swiping each of their bar codes. One swipe and you will never have to miss those points, which is very important for all gift shopping that’s coming up.

Christmas Discounts with Apps


If you don’t want to pay full price for gifts this year, here is your tool. This app will find online vouchers, local offers, and more wherever you are. The list of retailers is long and includes the likes of Amazon, Currys PC World, Adidas, and more. The app is great for a lot more than just retailers – think restaurants, broadband, phones, travel, and other places where you can leave your money at.


mySupermarket Christmas Promotions

This app lets you compare prices of stuff at various supermarkets, and you’ll need that for planning Thanksgiving feast or Christmas dinner. The best way to use it is to devote some time to make a shopping list and then compare prices in all the places you usually go get those supplies. Real savings might come in the form of cents, which can become significant, especially with those repeat purchases. There is absolutely no reason not to go to a store that offers whatever you need cheaper.


Monzo Christmas Coupons

Here is one fact – 50,000 people open an account with Monzo every week. This is a good enough proof that this bank on your smart phone is worth your consideration. You do a lot of things on your smart phone and now with Monzo you can also manage your finances. How can it help with Christmas shopping? You can put aside some money into a virtual “pot” to save for gifts or do even more:

  • Get alerts every time you spend and think about reducing future spending
  • Sort your salary into savings, bills, and allocate money for spending
  • Round up your purchases and save change


You know that companies collect your personal information and other data every time you shop. If you use HuYu, you can earn some money for that information and data. All you have to do is scan your receipts and answer some surveys for vouchers that can be used for Christmas shopping. It’s that simple.


eBay Christmas Discounts

This is a bonus from us to you – sell your Christmas gifts you only pretended you liked here and make some money, while getting rid of stuff you know will become clutter if not sold. You are welcome!

eBay Christmas Promotions

eBay Coupons:

  • Extra 20% OFF $15 for Select Home & Garden, Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories, Health & Beauty
  • Up to 90% OFF with Huge Deals and Sales
  • Free Shipping on Most Orders