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Christmas Ornaments for Foodies

Hand Printed Mouth Blown Christmas OrnamentsFood and drink Christmas ornaments to buy in store

Decorating Christmas tree is a creative process that offers a chance to show off your flair and passions. Unique and original Christmas ornaments have long become the trend, and these days you can find exclusive ornaments that will be in tune with what you like. If you love gourmet foods and want to add some mouthwatering ornaments to your Christmas tree ornament collection here are some Christmas ornament ideas for the foodie in your life.

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree with foods and treats is actually very old. Before the industrial revolution people used the most delicious foods they had at home to adorn the symbol of the holiday with. Candy, cookies, apples and nuts were the most popular treats to use as DIY Christmas ornaments. Of course, you can do the same for a retro Christmas tree look or consider adding a modern twist to a centuries-old tradition with these beautiful Christmas ornaments for food lovers.

Cute Cake OrnamentCupcake ornaments made in Poland offered for sale at Roger’s Gardens, Newport Beach, CA

This cute cake ornament made in Poland is available for sale at Christmas Boutique, Roger’s Gardens, Newport Beach, California. It costs just $16.99 and will be a nice addition to your food themed collection. Here you can find a great selection of high-quality Old-World Christmas food ornaments from Poland and other European countries.

Original Christmas OrnamentsTruffle Plate Christmas ornament made in Poland available at Roger’s Gardens, Newport Beach, CA

The truffle plate Christmas ornament is from the same collection, as well as ice-cream with strawberry icing to make the dessert theme complete.

Icecream Christmas OrnamentsIce-cream Christmas ornaments from Europe at Roger’s Gardens, Newport Beach, CA

If you are looking for hand printed mouth blown Christmas ornaments, consider checking out Sur La Table or Neumann Marcus. These Cotton Candy, Cupcake and Strawberry Christmas ornaments are one-of-the-kind and very beautiful.

Strawberry Christmas OrnamentsCotton candy Christmas ornaments to buy in store

However, food-themed Christmas ornaments are not only about sweets and candy. You can also find fun Christmas ornaments for foodies that include hot dogs, burgers, bacon and eggs, bottles of beer and champagne. Everything you love to eat and drink can inspire and serve as unique food Christmas ornaments.

Caviar Christmas OrnamentHard to find circle Christmas ornaments

Or you can even go personalized and order custom Christmas ornaments with the design of your own and unique greeting. There is a nice selection of personalized Christmas ornaments at Personalization Mall. My elder son is a big donut lover so I ordered the Donut Fun Personalized Glossy 2-sided ornament with his name on it, and I hope he will love it very much.

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Personalization Mall Christmas Ornaments Offer

For the cook in your life there are cute spoon shaped Christmas ornaments from Personalization Mall. Best Chef Personalized Wooden Spoon Ornament can be customized with the name of the most gifted chef in your family and an award or nomination won.

Camembert Christmas OrnamentsCamembert Extra Double Cream Christmas ornament

With so many realistic fake food Christmas ornaments and personalized Christmas decorations it’s easy to create a unique Christmas setting for your holiday celebrations. Let things you love bring a smile to your face making you a little bit happier. The most important things are always in details.