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Best Places to Get Personalized Candles: Yankee Candle Vs Personalization Mall

Best Places to Get Personalized Candles

Fragrance candles are the first thing that comes to my mind as the easy way to create festive atmosphere without significant spendings. There are many companies that offer quality scented candles, with Bath & Body Works, Voluspa, Yankee Candle and WoodWick Candle being some of the most popular ones. I’m crazy about personalized gifts and I’m sure that even a small but personalized gift is sure to become truly special and memorable. Voluspa and Bath & Body Works don’t offer personalization options, but Yankee Candle does, and I discovered this by chance.

Yankee Candle Shop

I was thinking of purchasing aroma candles and wanted to get them personalized. I know that Personalization Mall offers personalized scented candles, but these should be ordered online only. And it would be mostly a guess, because you need to smell the fragrance first to get the idea whether you like it or not. Luckily, I stumbled upon a Yankee Candle near me located in Irvine Spectrum Center. And the first thing I noticed is that they do offer personalization. Of course, I decided to try.

Yankee Candle Fall Savings

First of all, I checked their selection of candles to choose the one I love most. Having a quality candle made of natural ingredients is a must for me, so I asked the salesperson about the natural candles, and she showed me their Well Living Collection. The lowest price of Well Living Collection candles is $25 and the highest is $31. In fact, it is the newest Yankee Candle product line which is considered premium quality as it is made of the mix of coconut and soy wax.

Yankee Candles Personalized Candles

In fact, Yankee Candle wax is of several types, and includes a blend of paraffin and soy, just soy was and a blend of coconut and soy wax. Yankee Candle store also features WoodWick candles which are of the premium quality as well.

WoodWick Candles

In the store you can find many deals and there are sale items at the lowest price possible. Of, course, there are fall themed candles, candle holders and much more. Yankee Candle reed diffuser is also a must have, and their car air fresheners are very good, indeed.

Candles Available for Personalization

As you remember, I was looking for personalized candles and Yankee Candle does offer it. The only disappointment was that they can’t personalize every candle they have in store. Candles available for personalization include the big ones with blend of paraffin and soy. Unfortunately, their Well Living Collection candles are not available for personalization, and this is probably their only downsize.

Personalize Well Living Collection Candles

I chose Renewing Coconut & Iris from Well Living, but it couldn’t be personalized, so I had to purchase two candles. I like the smell of Renewing Coconut & Iris very much, it’s very delicate and refined.

Process of Personalization

The process of personalization is very fast. They have a range of pictures you can select, or you just download the photo of your choice from your phone. You scan the QR code, go online, choose the candle and download the photo.

Personalized Stick For Candle

Then the salesperson prints the photo right in store and sticks it onto the candle. You can also write some personalized phrase or congratulation at the bottom of your photo.

Personalization Costs $5

All candles available for personalization cost $31, and personalization costs $5.

Personalized Yankee Candle

Getting a personalized candle with photo at Yankee Candle is super-fast and easy. I only wish they could personalize Well Living Collection candles too. As a result, I purchased the extra candle for personalization and had to spend more.

Yankee Candle Offers

To be honest, I could easily order personalized candles online at Personalization Mall. They offer a nice selection of soy wax candles that can be personalized, and not only with the photo or the picture. Besides, candles of the same size cost even cheaper – just $26.99, and personalization is always free. Moreover, you can find Personalization Mall coupon online and apply it to your order, so even with the cost of shipping your total price is going to be less than that of Yankee Candle.

Personalized Candles 20% Off Coupon

Summing up, I must say that if you prefer shopping in store, then Yankee Candle is the shop to check. If you prefer shopping online Personalization Mall is the best bet, then. They have a wider selection of candles that can be personalized, and their pricing policies are some of the best, I know about.